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Zolar Photon 3 Watt Soft Tissue Diode Dental Laser

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Zolar Photon 3 Watt Soft Tissue Diode Dental Laser


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1 x Dental Laser

Description: The Zolar Photon 3 Watt Soft Tissue Diode Dental Laser is an advanced laser system specifically designed for soft tissue applications in dentistry. Leveraging cutting-edge diode laser technology, this device offers dental practitioners precision, efficiency, and versatility in a wide range of soft tissue procedures.

Key Features:

  1. 3 Watt Diode Laser Power: The Photon Dental Laser boasts a powerful 3 Watt diode laser, providing optimal energy for soft tissue applications. This level of laser power ensures efficient and precise performance during various dental procedures.

  2. Multiple Operating Modes: The laser system features multiple operating modes, allowing dental practitioners to choose the most suitable setting for different soft tissue treatments. This versatility enhances the applicability of the laser across various dental procedures.

  3. Ergonomic Handpiece Design: With an ergonomic handpiece design, the Photon Laser ensures comfortable handling during procedures. The lightweight and well-balanced construction facilitate precise control, reducing hand fatigue for dental professionals.


  1. Precision in Soft Tissue Procedures: The 3 Watt diode laser power provides precise and controlled performance during soft tissue procedures. This level of precision is crucial for delicate treatments, contributing to optimal patient outcomes.

  2. Versatility Across Dental Procedures: The multiple operating modes offer versatility, making the Photon Laser suitable for a wide range of soft tissue applications. From gingivectomies to frenectomies, dental practitioners can confidently use this laser system for diverse treatments.

  3. Comfortable Operation for Dental Professionals: The ergonomic handpiece design prioritizes the comfort of dental professionals during prolonged use. The well-balanced construction minimizes hand fatigue, ensuring a positive and efficient working experience.

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