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Weswox Linear Slide stainer - Linear Pack of 1 Unit (LSSM-1090A)

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Weswox Linear Slide stainer - Linear Pack of 1 Unit (LSSM-1090A)


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Pack of 1 Unit

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The Weswox Linear Slide Stainer (LSSM-1090A) sets a new standard in histopathological staining processes with its linear design, marrying efficiency and precision. Engineered for laboratories that prioritize streamlined workflows and consistent staining results, this linear slide stainer delivers reliable performance for diagnostic pathology.

Key Features:

  1. Linear Staining Design: The linear configuration of the LSSM-1090A optimizes the staining workflow, allowing for a continuous, linear procession of slides. This design minimizes manual handling and ensures a smooth, uninterrupted staining process.

  2. Customizable Staining Protocols: Clinicians benefit from a range of customizable staining protocols tailored to meet the diverse needs of diagnostic pathology. From routine H&E staining to specialized immunohistochemistry, the linear slide stainer accommodates various staining requirements.

  3. Precise Staining Control: Precision is at the forefront with the LSSM-1090A, providing clinicians with exacting control over staining parameters. This control contributes to the reproducibility of results, ensuring consistent staining quality across batches.


  1. Optimized Workflow Efficiency: The linear design streamlines the staining process, reducing the time required for manual handling and minimizing interruptions. Laboratories benefit from increased workflow efficiency, enabling timely diagnostic assessments.

  2. Consistent and Reproducible Staining: The linear processing ensures consistent staining results, reducing inter-run variations. Clinicians can rely on the LSSM-1090A to deliver reproducible staining outcomes crucial for accurate pathological diagnoses.

  3. Adaptable to High-Throughput Settings: Ideal for high-throughput laboratories, the linear slide stainer adapts seamlessly to varying workloads. Its efficient design enables laboratories to process a substantial number of slides without compromising staining quality.

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Country of OriginIndia
Pack SizePack of 1 Unit