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Weswox Cryostat - Manual Pack of 1 Unit (MCM-1090A)

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Weswox Cryostat - Manual Pack of 1 Unit (MCM-1090A)


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HSN: 90279010


The Weswox Cryostat - Manual (MCM-1090A) epitomizes precision and control in cryosectioning, offering histopathologists a cutting-edge tool for meticulous tissue sectioning at sub-zero temperatures. Meticulously engineered, this manual cryostat aligns with Weswox's commitment to advancing diagnostic capabilities, delivering unparalleled performance in the realm of frozen sectioning.

Key Features:

  1. Trimming Thickness Range: The MCM-1090A offers an impressive trimming thickness range of 30 µm to 95 µm, with 5 µm increments. This fine-tuned control over trimming thickness ensures adaptability to diverse tissue types and the precision required for accurate diagnostics.

  2. Freeze Shelf Lowest Temp: Operating at an astounding -40°C, the cryostat's freeze shelf reaches ultra-low temperatures. This capability is crucial for maintaining tissue integrity during sectioning, minimizing artifacts, and allowing for high-quality frozen sections.

  3. Rapid Cooling Time: With a cooling down time to -30°C of just 60 minutes, the MCM-1090A ensures swift preparation for cryosectioning. This rapid cooling feature optimizes laboratory workflows, enabling histopathologists to commence procedures promptly.


  1. Customized Trimming Thickness: Histopathologists can achieve customized trimming thickness, ranging from 30 µm to 95 µm, ensuring precision in sectioning based on the specific requirements of each specimen. This level of customization is vital for diverse diagnostic applications.

  2. Ultra-Low Temperature Preservation: The cryostat's lowest temperature of -40°C guarantees the preservation of tissue structures at an ultra-low temperature. This feature is instrumental in preventing ice crystal artifacts and maintaining the morphology of delicate tissues.

  3. Efficient Workflow Integration: The MCM-1090A's rapid cooling time enhances laboratory efficiency by reducing downtime. Its swift preparation for cryosectioning enables histopathologists to seamlessly integrate the cryostat into their daily workflow, contributing to timely diagnostic assessments.

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Country of OriginIndia
Pack SizePack of 1 Unit