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Vishal Dentocare Vishal Lubricare Spray Handpiece Accessory

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Vishal Dentocare Vishal Lubricare Spray Handpiece Accessory



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HSN: 90184900

What is in the box

1 x 320ml Bottle (250gm)


Vishal Dentocare Vishal Lubricare Spray Handpiece Accessory is a vital component designed to optimize the performance and longevity of dental handpieces. Meticulously engineered, this lubrication spray accessory offers a convenient and effective solution for maintaining handpiece functionality, ensuring smooth operation, and extending the lifespan of these critical dental instruments.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Lubrication Formula: Vishal Lubricare Spray is formulated with an advanced lubrication formula, specifically designed to reduce friction and wear within the intricate components of dental handpieces. This contributes to the overall efficiency and durability of the handpieces.

  2. Precision Spray Nozzle: The lubrication spray accessory is equipped with a precision spray nozzle, ensuring targeted and even distribution of the lubricant to critical areas within the handpiece. This precision application enhances the effectiveness of the lubrication process and minimizes wastage.

  3. Versatile Compatibility: Vishal Lubricare Spray is compatible with a wide range of dental handpieces, making it a versatile accessory for dental practitioners. Its adaptability allows for consistent and reliable lubrication across various handpiece models, streamlining maintenance routines.

  4. Easy Application and Handling: The spray accessory is designed for easy application and handling, facilitating a user-friendly experience for dental practitioners. The ergonomic design ensures efficient lubrication, contributing to a smooth clinical workflow and minimizing downtime.


  1. Optimized Handpiece Performance: The advanced lubrication formula ensures optimal performance of dental handpieces by reducing friction and wear. This contributes to the longevity of the handpieces, allowing them to operate at peak efficiency during clinical procedures.

  2. Extended Handpiece Lifespan: Regular use of Vishal Lubricare Spray as part of a maintenance routine can extend the lifespan of dental handpieces. By minimizing friction and wear, the spray helps prevent premature deterioration of critical components, maximizing the return on investment for dental practitioners.

  3. Efficient and Targeted Lubrication: The precision spray nozzle allows for efficient and targeted lubrication, reaching critical areas within the handpiece. This ensures that the lubricant is applied where it is needed most, optimizing the effectiveness of the lubrication process.

  4. Versatility for Various Handpiece Models: The compatibility of Vishal Lubricare Spray with various handpiece models enhances its versatility. Dental practitioners can confidently use the spray across different handpiece types, streamlining maintenance protocols and ensuring consistent lubrication practices.

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Country of OriginIndia
ProductLubricare Spray Handpiece Accessory
BrandVishal Dentocare
TypeLubricating spray for handpieces
ApplicationMaintenance and lubrication of handpieces
FeaturesProvides smooth operation and prolongs lifespan of handpieces
PackagingAerosol spray can