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Vishal Dentocare V Pulp Cure Pulp Devitalizer (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)

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Vishal Dentocare V Pulp Cure Pulp Devitalizer (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)



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HSN: 30064000

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1 x 9gm Bottle


Vishal Dentocare V Pulp Cure Pulp Devitalizer is a meticulously formulated and clinically advanced solution designed for pulp devitalization procedures. Crafted with precision and technical expertise, V Pulp Cure provides dental practitioners with a reliable and effective tool for pulp therapy, ensuring optimal patient comfort and successful outcomes.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Devitalization Formulation:
    V Pulp Cure features an innovative devitalization formulation designed to achieve efficient and predictable pulp therapy results. The formulation is based on the latest advancements in pulp devitalization techniques, providing dental practitioners with a contemporary and reliable solution.

  2. Rapid Action for Time-Efficient Procedures: The devitalizer is engineered for rapid action, optimizing chairside efficiency during pulp therapy procedures. The quick onset of action allows for streamlined treatment processes, contributing to time savings for both the practitioner and the patient.

  3. Precise Application for Targeted Treatment:
    V Pulp Cure is designed for precise application, enabling dental practitioners to target specific areas requiring pulp devitalization. The precise application contributes to the success of the therapy by ensuring accurate placement and contact with the affected pulp tissue.

  4. Minimized Discomfort for Enhanced Patient Experience: The formulation is crafted to minimize discomfort during and after pulp devitalization, enhancing the overall patient experience. This consideration aligns with modern dental care principles, prioritizing patient comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process.


  1. Predictable Pulp Therapy Outcomes:
    V Pulp Cure's innovative devitalization formulation ensures predictable and reliable outcomes in pulp therapy. The efficacy of the devitalizer is supported by clinical studies, providing dental practitioners with confidence in achieving successful pulp devitalization results.

  2. Time Savings with Efficient Chairside Procedures: The rapid action of V Pulp Cure contributes to time savings during chairside procedures, allowing dental practitioners to perform efficient pulp therapy without compromising the quality of care. This time-efficient approach is valuable in busy clinical settings.

  3. Precision for Targeted and Effective Treatment: The precise application of V Pulp Cure facilitates targeted and effective treatment. Dental practitioners can confidently apply the devitalizer to specific areas, ensuring accurate contact with the affected pulp tissue and maximizing the success of the pulp therapy procedure.

  4. Enhanced Patient Comfort Throughout Treatment: The formulation's focus on minimizing discomfort contributes to enhanced patient comfort throughout the pulp devitalization process. This patient-centric approach aligns with contemporary dental care standards, promoting positive experiences and patient satisfaction.

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Country of OriginIndia
TypePulp devitalizer
CompositionContains active ingredients for devitalizing pulp
PurposeUsed in endodontic procedures to treat pulp
inflammation or infectionApplication