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Vishal Dentocare V Bond 7 Bonding Agent (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)

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Vishal Dentocare V Bond 7 Bonding Agent (In Stock. Swift Dispatch.)



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HSN: 33069000

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1 x 5ml Bottle


Vishal Dentocare V Bond 7 Bonding Agent represents a state-of-the-art dental product meticulously crafted to optimize the bonding process in restorative dentistry. With advanced formulation and precision engineering, this bonding agent offers dental practitioners a reliable and effective tool for achieving strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing restorations.

Key Features:

  1. 7th Generation Bonding Technology:
    V Bond 7 employs cutting-edge 7th generation bonding technology, ensuring a robust and reliable bond between dental restorations and tooth structure. This advanced technology enhances adhesion, reduces post-operative sensitivity, and contributes to the longevity of restorations.

  2. Dual-Cure Capability for Versatility: The bonding agent features dual-cure capability, providing versatility in various clinical scenarios. Whether working in a light-cured or self-cured environment, V Bond 7 ensures consistent and reliable bonding, accommodating the preferences and needs of dental practitioners.

  3. Nano-Filled for Enhanced Aesthetics: Nano-filled particles are incorporated into the bonding agent, contributing to enhanced aesthetics of the restorations. The nano-sized particles facilitate smoother surfaces, reducing the chance of post-operative staining and ensuring a natural appearance of the restored tooth.

  4. Low Film Thickness for Precise Fit:
    V Bond 7 is engineered with a low film thickness, ensuring a precise fit of restorations. This feature is crucial for minimizing discrepancies and ensuring that restorations seat accurately, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the bonding procedure.


  1. Reliable Bonding for Long-Lasting Restorations:
    V Bond 7 Bonding Agent's 7th generation bonding technology ensures a reliable and durable bond, contributing to the long-lasting success of dental restorations. This reliability is essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of restorations over time.

  2. Reduced Post-Operative Sensitivity for Patient Comfort: The advanced bonding technology in V Bond 7 helps reduce post-operative sensitivity, enhancing patient comfort following restorative procedures. This benefit contributes to a positive patient experience and satisfaction with the overall treatment outcome.

  3. Versatility with Dual-Cure Capability: The dual-cure capability provides versatility in different clinical scenarios. Whether working with direct or indirect restorations, V Bond 7 accommodates various curing preferences, allowing dental practitioners to adapt to specific case requirements.

  4. Enhanced Aesthetics with Nano-Filled Technology: Nano-filled particles contribute to enhanced aesthetics by promoting smoother surfaces and reducing the likelihood of post-operative staining. This feature ensures that restorations not only provide functional benefits but also blend seamlessly with the natural dentition.

  5. Precise Fit with Low Film Thickness: The low film thickness of V Bond 7 ensures a precise fit of restorations, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring optimal adaptation. This precision is crucial for achieving restorations that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding tooth structure, enhancing overall esthetics and function.

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Country of OriginIndia
ProductV Bond 7 Bonding Agent
BrandVishal Dentocare
TypeBonding agent
ApplicationDental bonding for restorative procedures
FeaturesProvides strong and durable bond, compatible with various restorative materials, easy to apply
PackagingAvailable in bottles or syringes