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Vishal Dentocare Trisol Formacresol Pulp Devitalizer

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Vishal Dentocare Trisol Formacresol Pulp Devitalizer



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HSN: 30064000

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1 x 15ml Bottle


Vishal Dentocare Trisol Formacresol Pulp Devitalizer is an essential tool in the field of endodontics, designed to effectively devitalize dental pulp while ensuring the patient's comfort and safety. This trusted product is a crucial part of endodontic procedures, where the removal of pulp tissue is necessary to save a tooth and relieve the patient from dental pain.

Key Features:

Pulp Devitalization: Trisol Formacresol is specifically formulated for pulp devitalization, a process that is often required in endodontics to treat conditions like irreversible pulpitis and necrotic pulp. It efficiently inactivates the pulp tissue while preserving the tooth structure.

Formocresol-Based: Formocresol is a well-established active ingredient in dental pulp devitalization. It is known for its reliable and predictable results. Trisol Formacresol utilizes formocresol as its active component, ensuring consistent and effective treatment.

Safe and Reliable: This product has a long-standing reputation for safety and reliability. When used according to recommended guidelines and by trained professionals, it provides predictable outcomes and minimizes the risk of complications.

Pain Management: Pulp devitalization can be a necessary step in relieving severe dental pain caused by pulp inflammation or infection. Trisol Formacresol helps patients find relief and comfort by addressing the source of the pain.

Preservation of Tooth Structure: The primary goal of pulp devitalization is to save the affected tooth. Trisol Formacresol achieves this by eliminating the infected pulp while leaving the tooth's structural integrity intact.

Versatile Use: This product can be used in both primary and permanent teeth, making it suitable for patients of all ages. Its versatility ensures that dental professionals have a valuable tool in their endodontic arsenal.

Easy Application: Trisol Formacresol is easy to apply, thanks to its convenient formulation. Dental practitioners can efficiently deliver the solution to the targeted area, simplifying the treatment process.

Long-Lasting: The effects of pulp devitalization with Trisol Formacresol are long-lasting. Once the pulp tissue is inactivated, the patient can benefit from a pain-free and functional tooth for an extended period.

Established Trust: Vishal Dentocare is a trusted name in the dental industry, known for producing high-quality dental materials and solutions. Dental professionals worldwide rely on the brand's products for their efficacy and safety.

Professional Guidance: It is essential to use Trisol Formacresol under the guidance of a qualified dental professional. The product is intended for use by licensed practitioners who are trained in endodontic procedures.

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Country of OriginIndia
BrandVishal Dentocare
TypeFormocresol Pulp Devitalizer
ApplicationEndodontic Procedure