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Vishal Dentocare Snow Shine Bleaching Material

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Vishal Dentocare Snow Shine Bleaching Material



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Product Details

HSN: 90184900

What is in the box

2 x 0.3gm Powder 2 x 2.25ml Liquid 1 x 1g Gingival Barrier


Vishal Dentocare Snow Shine Bleaching Material is an innovative and meticulously crafted solution designed to elevate the art of teeth whitening in cosmetic dentistry. With advanced formulation and precision engineering, this bleaching material offers dental practitioners a reliable and effective tool for achieving brighter, whiter smiles with enhanced patient comfort.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance Carbamide Peroxide Formula: Snow Shine features a high-performance carbamide peroxide formula, a trusted and proven bleaching agent. This advanced formula ensures effective and controlled teeth whitening, allowing dental practitioners to achieve consistent and satisfying results.

  2. Optimized Viscosity for Precise Application: The bleaching material is engineered with an optimized viscosity, facilitating precise and controlled application. This characteristic allows dental practitioners to apply the gel accurately, ensuring even coverage of the teeth and minimizing the risk of gingival irritation.

  3. Synergetic Desensitizing Agents for Patient Comfort: Snow Shine incorporates synergetic desensitizing agents, prioritizing patient comfort during the teeth whitening process. This feature minimizes tooth sensitivity, providing a more comfortable experience for patients undergoing cosmetic bleaching procedures.

  4. Customizable Treatment Plans for Diverse Needs: The bleaching material enables customizable treatment plans, accommodating diverse patient needs and preferences. Dental practitioners can tailor the treatment intensity and duration to meet individual requirements, ensuring a personalized approach to teeth whitening.


  1. Effective Teeth Whitening with Carbamide Peroxide: Snow Shine's high-performance carbamide peroxide formula ensures effective teeth whitening, lifting stains and discolorations to reveal a brighter, whiter smile. This reliability is essential for achieving patient satisfaction and enhancing the overall aesthetic outcomes of cosmetic dentistry.

  2. Precise Application Enhances Treatment Precision: The optimized viscosity of the bleaching material allows for precise application, ensuring even coverage of the teeth. This precision promotes consistent results and minimizes the risk of uneven whitening, contributing to the overall success of cosmetic bleaching procedures.

  3. Enhanced Patient Comfort with Desensitizing Agents: The inclusion of synergetic desensitizing agents enhances patient comfort during and after the teeth whitening process. This consideration for minimizing tooth sensitivity contributes to a positive patient experience and encourages continued engagement with cosmetic dentistry treatments.

  4. Customizable Treatment Plans for Personalized Results: Snow Shine's customizable treatment plans provide dental practitioners with the flexibility to tailor whitening procedures to individual patient needs. This adaptability ensures that each patient receives a personalized approach to teeth whitening, optimizing outcomes and satisfaction.

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Country of OriginIndia
TypeBleaching Material
CompositionContains bleaching agents and desensitizers
PurposeUsed for tooth whitening treatments
ApplicationApplied onto the teeth surface
EffectivenessLightens tooth discoloration and stains