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5 x  Vinjoh Endofix Tube Holder

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5 x Vinjoh Endofix Tube Holder


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1 x 1 Tube Holder

Description: The Vinjoh Endofix Tube Holder stands at the forefront of diagnostic excellence, designed to meet the exacting demands of medical professionals engaged in endotracheal intubation procedures. This meticulously crafted device integrates state-of-the-art features to provide doctors with unparalleled control and precision during intubation, ensuring patient safety and procedural efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Secure Tube Placement: Engineered with a robust clamping mechanism, the Endofix Tube Holder ensures secure and stable placement of endotracheal tubes. This feature is vital for preventing accidental extubation and minimizing disruptions during patient care.

  2. 360-Degree Articulation: The device boasts a 360-degree articulation feature, granting doctors unprecedented flexibility in tube positioning. This capability facilitates optimal tube alignment, enhancing the efficiency of diagnostic procedures and reducing patient discomfort.

  3. Integrated Suction Functionality: The Endofix Tube Holder is equipped with an integrated suction mechanism, allowing doctors to swiftly clear secretions and maintain a clear airway. This feature contributes to improved visibility during intubation, crucial for successful and complication-free procedures.


  1. Enhanced Procedure Precision: The secure tube placement and 360-degree articulation collectively contribute to enhanced procedural precision. Doctors can confidently navigate the airway, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring successful intubation.

  2. Time-Efficient Intubation: The innovative design of the Endofix Tube Holder streamlines the intubation process, saving valuable time during critical procedures. This efficiency is especially crucial in emergency scenarios where swift intervention is paramount.

  3. Patient Comfort and Safety: With its advanced features, the Endofix Tube Holder prioritizes patient comfort and safety. The secure tube placement and integrated suction functionality contribute to a smoother and less intrusive intubation experience for patients.

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