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Weswox Tissue Cooling Plate  - Box of 1 Unit (TCP-1090A)

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Weswox Tissue Cooling Plate - Box of 1 Unit (TCP-1090A)


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HSN: 90180000

Description: The Weswox Tissue Cooling Plate TCP-1090A is a crucial tool in histological procedures, specifically engineered to elevate precision in tissue sectioning. With a focus on temperature control, this cooling plate provides researchers with a reliable solution for maintaining sample integrity during microtome procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Temperature Control: The TCP-1090A excels in temperature control, allowing researchers to maintain a consistently low temperature on the cooling plate surface. This is vital for preserving tissue integrity during the sectioning process.

  2. Uniform Cooling Surface: Engineered for uniformity, the cooling plate ensures even distribution of the low temperature across its surface. This feature minimizes sample distortion, facilitating the creation of high-quality, artifact-free tissue sections.

  3. Efficient Heat Dissipation: The cooling plate is designed for efficient heat dissipation, rapidly achieving and maintaining the desired low temperature. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for laboratories requiring swift turnovers in histological procedures.

  4. Durable and Robust Build: Crafted from durable materials, the TCP-1090A exhibits robust construction, ensuring longevity and stability under frequent use. Its sturdy build guarantees consistent performance in demanding laboratory environments.


  1. Preservation of Tissue Integrity: The advanced temperature control and uniform cooling surface prevent thermal damage to tissue samples, preserving their integrity during microtome sectioning—essential for precise histological analyses.

  2. Artifact-Free Sections: The uniform cooling surface minimizes the risk of thermal artifacts, enabling researchers to produce high-quality tissue sections with minimal distortion. This is crucial for accurate pathological examinations and molecular studies.

  3. Rapid Temperature Attainment: The efficient heat dissipation mechanism allows the cooling plate to swiftly reach and maintain the desired low temperature, enhancing overall laboratory efficiency, especially in time-sensitive histological workflows.

  4. Long-lasting Performance: The durable construction ensures the cooling plate's resilience, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for laboratories with frequent histological applications.

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Country of OriginIndia