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2 x  Shulkon 16MM Plain Ventilator Tubing With Fixed Elbow & Suction Port Ventilator Tubing - 16 mtrs (SK-310PE)

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2 x Shulkon 16MM Plain Ventilator Tubing With Fixed Elbow & Suction Port Ventilator Tubing - 16 mtrs (SK-310PE)


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1 x Ventilator Tubing


Introducing Shulkon Ventilator Tubing, a cutting-edge consumable designed to enhance respiratory care in medical settings. Engineered with precision, this tubing prioritizes flexibility, durability, and user convenience to optimize patient ventilation.

Key Features:

  1. Corrugated and Lightweight Design: Shulkon Ventilator Tubing boasts a corrugated and lightweight construction, ensuring optimal flexibility. This design feature facilitates easy maneuverability and positioning, allowing healthcare professionals to adjust the tubing for patient comfort and medical requirements.

  2. Special Clip Feature for Secure Connection: The tubing incorporates a special clip feature that eliminates the risk of disconnection during ventilation. This innovative design enhances patient safety by providing a secure and reliable connection, crucial for uninterrupted respiratory support.

  3. Transparent Material for Monitoring: Crafted from transparent materials, the tubing enables easy monitoring of water build-up. This transparency allows healthcare professionals to visually assess the tubing's condition, ensuring timely interventions and maintaining the efficiency of the ventilator system.


  1. Enhanced Patient Comfort: The corrugated and lightweight design of Shulkon Ventilator Tubing contributes to enhanced patient comfort. The tubing's flexibility adapts to the patient's movements, minimizing discomfort and promoting a more natural breathing experience.

  2. Secured Ventilation Connection: The special clip feature ensures a secure and stable connection throughout the ventilation process. This not only enhances patient safety but also provides peace of mind for healthcare professionals, knowing that the tubing maintains a reliable link to the ventilator.

  3. Efficient Monitoring and Intervention: The transparency of the tubing allows for efficient monitoring of water build-up. This visual cue enables healthcare professionals to intervene promptly, preventing potential complications and maintaining the optimal functionality of the ventilator system.

In conclusion, Shulkon Ventilator Tubing sets a new standard in respiratory care consumables. With its corrugated and lightweight design, special clip feature, and transparent material, this tubing prioritizes patient comfort, safety, and efficient monitoring, ensuring a seamless and reliable respiratory support system in medical environments.

Sold by Shulkon Healthcare Pvt Ltd & fulfilled byMedikabazaar