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Shakuntla 38 Plates Ishihara Test Book - For Colour Deficiency

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Shakuntla 38 Plates Ishihara Test Book - For Colour Deficiency


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The Shakuntla 38 Plates Ishihara Book stands at the forefront of color vision testing, providing an invaluable tool for doctors in the field of ophthalmology. Developed with precision, this Ishihara Book aids in the comprehensive assessment of color deficiency in patients.

Key Features:

  1. 38 Optimized Plates:

    • The Ishihara Book features 38 optimized plates, each meticulously crafted to assess specific aspects of color vision deficiency. The comprehensive range of plates facilitates a detailed evaluation, allowing doctors to discern the nature and extent of color impairment with precision.
  2. Quantitative Color Deficiency Assessment:

    • The Ishihara Book incorporates quantitative indicators for color deficiency assessment. By utilizing standardized metrics, doctors can objectively measure the degree of color vision impairment, enabling a more nuanced understanding of the patient's condition.


  1. Accurate Diagnoses with Comprehensive Plate Range:

    • The inclusion of 38 optimized plates ensures a thorough examination, facilitating accurate diagnoses of color deficiencies. Doctors can rely on this Ishihara Book to identify specific types and nuances of color vision impairments, guiding tailored treatment strategies.
  2. Objective Measurement for Informed Decision-Making:

    • The integration of quantitative indicators empowers doctors to make informed decisions based on objective data. This feature enhances the diagnostic process, enabling precise monitoring of color vision deficiencies and facilitating a more personalized approach to patient care.

Shakuntla 38 Plates Ishihara Book stands as an indispensable tool for doctors specializing in ophthalmology. With its comprehensive plate range and quantitative assessment capabilities, this Ishihara Book ensures accurate and nuanced diagnoses of color deficiencies, contributing to enhanced patient care and tailored treatment approaches.

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Country of OriginIndia

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