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See Cure See+Care Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves Powderfree - 6 (SG-4) Box of 50 Pairs

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See Cure See+Care Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves Powderfree - 6 (SG-4) Box of 50 Pairs


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1 Box X 50 Pair of Gloves


See Cure See+Fit Sterile Latex Gloves Powderfree (SG-4) redefine the standards of hand protection in the medical field. Developed with a meticulous focus on precision and safety, these gloves offer doctors an unparalleled blend of functionality and comfort. Crafted for demanding medical procedures, SG-4 sets a new benchmark for sterile latex gloves.

Key Features:

  • Powder-Free Formulation: SG-4 gloves feature an innovative powder-free formulation, eliminating the risk of powder-related complications. This design minimizes particulate contamination, ensuring a clean and safe environment for both medical practitioners and patients.

  • Latex Sensitivity: The gloves are engineered with a proprietary latex formulation that prioritizes sensitivity. Doctors can experience optimal tactile feedback, allowing for precise and delicate maneuvers during medical interventions.

  • Advanced Sterilization Technology: SG-4 gloves undergo a rigorous sterilization process, employing advanced technologies to guarantee asepsis. Each pair is securely packaged, maintaining sterility until the moment they are donned.


  • Particulate-Free Assurance: The powder-free design mitigates the risks associated with glove powder, providing doctors with confidence in a particulate-free environment. This feature is crucial in sterile medical settings to prevent complications and infections.

  • Enhanced Tactile Perception: SG-4 gloves offer enhanced tactile perception, enabling doctors to execute procedures with heightened dexterity and precision. The gloves become an extension of the hands, facilitating intricate and nuanced medical interventions.

  • Reliable Aseptic Barrier: With advanced sterilization technology, SG-4 ensures a reliable aseptic barrier between the medical professional and the patient. This is pivotal in minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and upholding the highest standards of hygiene.

Sold by Samadhi Samadha pharmacy & fulfilled byMedikabazaar