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Romsons Intra Cath IV Cannula - 22G Pack of 100 (GS-3021)

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Romsons Intra Cath IV Cannula - 22G Pack of 100 (GS-3021)



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Product Details

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1 X 100 Cannula

  • Description

The Romsons Intra Cath IV Cannula - 22G,
meticulously designed for intravenous access, stands as a pinnacle of medical
engineering. This pack of 100 sterile cannulas ensures impeccable performance
and patient safety in diverse clinical settings. With a 22-gauge size, it
strikes a balance between ease of insertion and minimal trauma, making it
versatile for various intravenous procedures. Crafted with precision, Romsons
Intra Cath IV Cannula sets a new standard for fluid administration, medication
delivery, and blood sampling, ensuring reliability and efficiency in healthcare

Features and Benefits

  • Sharp Beveled Needle Tip: Enables smooth and effortless
    insertion, minimizing patient discomfort.

  • Flexible, Kink-Resistant Tubing: Ensures uninterrupted fluid flow and
    reliable intravenous access throughout procedures.

  • Color-Coded Hub: Facilitates easy size identification,
    enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing errors.

  • Latex-Free Material: Minimizes the risk of allergic
    reactions, ensuring compatibility with a broad patient population.

  • Sterile and Single-Use: Individually packaged and sterilized,
    guaranteeing safety and sterility for each patient interaction.

  • Pack of 100: Offers healthcare facilities a cost-effective solution for
    stocking and replenishing intravenous supplies.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for fluid administration,
    medication infusion, blood sampling, and contrast media injection,
    catering to diverse clinical needs.

to use

  1. Preparation: Ensure the cannula package is intact and sterile before use.

  2. Vein Selection: Identify and prepare an appropriate
    vein for cannulation, considering factors such as size and accessibility.

  3. Cannula Insertion: Cleanse the insertion site, insert the
    cannula into the vein at a shallow angle, and advance gently until blood
    return is observed.

  4. Securement: Stabilize the cannula in place and secure it using appropriate

  5. Connect to IV Tubing: Attach IV tubing to the cannula hub and
    commence fluid or medication administration.

  6. Monitoring: Regularly assess the cannula site for patency, integrity, and
    signs of complications.


Individually sealed in sterile pouches, the
Romsons Intra Cath IV Cannula - 22G Pack of 100 (GS-3021) ensures product
integrity until the point of use, facilitating convenient and hygienic storage.


Warranty is not applicable for this product. Ensure to store the product as per the
manufacturer's guidelines to maintain its effectiveness and extend its shelf


  1. Is the Romsons Intra Cath IV Cannula
    suitable for pediatric patients?

Yes, the
22-gauge size offers compatibility with pediatric needs, ensuring safe and
effective intravenous access.

  1. What is the recommended insertion angle
    for the cannula?

Insert the cannula at a shallow angle,
typically between 10 to 30 degrees, to minimize trauma and discomfort.

  1. How long can the cannula remain in place?

Duration of
placement varies based on treatment requirements and patient condition; regular
assessment is advised for timely replacement.

  1. Is the cannula compatible with standard
    IV tubing?

Yes, the
cannula features a standard hub design, ensuring compatibility with most IV
tubing and infusion sets available.

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