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Orthoplast PrestoCraft 3D Printing Model Resin Material

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Orthoplast PrestoCraft 3D Printing Model Resin Material



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HSN: 39073090

Description: Orthoplast PrestoCraft 3D Printing Model Resin is an advanced and meticulously engineered material designed for high-precision dental model production through 3D printing technology. Developed by Orthoplast, a leading innovator in dental materials, this resin combines cutting-edge technology with superior material properties to meet the exacting standards of modern dental practices.

Key Features:

  1. High Precision for Detailed Dental Models: PrestoCraft resin is formulated to deliver exceptional detail and precision in 3D-printed dental models. Its high-resolution capabilities allow for the creation of intricate anatomical structures, ensuring accuracy in every aspect of the printed models.

  2. Optimized for Dental Applications: Tailored specifically for dental applications, this resin offers optimal properties for producing a wide range of dental models, including crowns, bridges, and diagnostic models. Its compatibility with dental workflows ensures seamless integration into digital dentistry practices.

  3. Low Shrinkage for Dimensional Accuracy: The resin's low shrinkage during the curing process contributes to outstanding dimensional accuracy in the printed models. This characteristic is essential for maintaining the true form and size of dental components, meeting the stringent requirements of dental professionals.


  1. Exceptional Detail Reproduction: PrestoCraft resin excels in reproducing fine details, enabling the creation of highly accurate and realistic dental models. This level of precision supports advanced diagnostic and treatment planning processes in dental practices.

  2. Versatile Applications in Digital Dentistry: The resin's versatility allows for a broad spectrum of applications in digital dentistry, from fabricating study models to intricate prosthetic components. This adaptability makes it a valuable resource for dental laboratories and clinics embracing digital workflows.

  3. Reliable Dimensional Stability: The low shrinkage properties of PrestoCraft resin contribute to reliable dimensional stability. This ensures that printed models accurately represent the intended anatomical structures, providing practitioners with dependable tools for treatment planning and communication with patients.

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