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Molnlycke Knee Arthroscopy Drape - 220cm x 320cm 60104 Pack of 5

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Molnlycke Knee Arthroscopy Drape - 220cm x 320cm 60104 Pack of 5


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220cm x 320cm

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Product Details

Description: Elevate your knee arthroscopy procedures with the Molnlycke Knee Arthroscopy Drape, a meticulously engineered solution designed to meet the exacting standards of modern surgical practices. This drape is the pinnacle of sterile field management, ensuring optimal conditions for precision and infection prevention during knee arthroscopy.

Key Features:

  1. Adhesive Incise Area: The drape incorporates an adhesive incise area, facilitating a secure and aseptic environment around the knee. This feature ensures a reliable barrier against contaminants, allowing surgeons unobstructed access to the surgical site for intricate knee arthroscopy procedures.

  2. Fluid Control Pouch: Engineered with a fluid control pouch, this drape effectively manages fluids, preventing unwanted spillage and maintaining a clear visual field throughout the procedure. Surgeons can confidently navigate the knee joint, assured of a controlled and dry environment.

  3. Integrated Instrument Pouches: Thoughtfully designed instrument pouches within the drape provide organized and accessible storage for surgical instruments. This feature enhances surgical efficiency, allowing seamless access to tools required for knee arthroscopy without compromising sterility.

  4. Compatibility with Imaging Equipment: The drape is compatible with various imaging equipment, facilitating the integration of advanced visualization technologies during knee arthroscopy. Surgeons benefit from enhanced precision and real-time imaging support for intricate procedures.


  1. Optimized Sterility: The adhesive incise area and fluid control pouch work in tandem to optimize the sterility of the surgical field. Surgeons can confidently perform knee arthroscopy, minimizing the risk of infections and ensuring the highest standard of patient care.

  2. Efficient Fluid Management: The fluid control pouch effectively channels and contains fluids, reducing the risk of contamination. This not only enhances the surgeon's visibility but also contributes to a controlled and organized surgical environment throughout the knee arthroscopy procedure.

  3. Instrument Accessibility: Integrated instrument pouches enhance the accessibility of surgical tools, streamlining the workflow for knee arthroscopy. Surgeons can focus on the intricacies of the procedure without interruptions, ensuring a smooth and efficient surgical experience.

  4. Enhanced Patient Safety: The Molnlycke Knee Arthroscopy Drape prioritizes patient safety by providing an additional layer of protection against potential complications. The drape's design aligns with the highest standards of care, ensuring positive outcomes for patients undergoing knee arthroscopy.

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