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Microzo Chocolate Agar Base Dehydrated Culture Media - 100gm Pack of 1 Bottle (MDCB05)

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Microzo Chocolate Agar Base Dehydrated Culture Media - 100gm Pack of 1 Bottle (MDCB05)


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1x Bottle of 100gms

Description: Microzo Chocolate Agar Base is a specialized dehydrated culture media formulation meticulously designed to support the growth and isolation of fastidious microorganisms, particularly Haemophilus species.

Key Features:

  1. Enriched Nutrient Composition: Formulated with a rich blend of nutrients, including hemin and NAD, Microzo Chocolate Agar Base creates an optimal growth environment that promotes the viability and proliferation of fastidious microorganisms.
  2. Selective Properties: Engineered to selectively support the growth of specific bacterial species, such as Haemophilus influenzae and Haemophilus ducreyi, this agar base suppresses the growth of competing organisms, enabling the isolation and enumeration of target pathogens with enhanced specificity.
  3. Standardized Formulation: Manufactured under stringent quality control standards, Microzo Chocolate Agar Base ensures consistent performance and reliability, delivering reproducible results across batches and ensuring accuracy in microbiological analyses.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various clinical specimens, including respiratory, genital, and wound samples, this dehydrated culture media base accommodates diverse microbiological assays, making it a versatile tool for diagnostic and research applications.
  5. Convenient Preparation Protocol: With a user-friendly preparation protocol, Microzo Chocolate Agar Base simplifies media preparation procedures, minimizing the likelihood of errors and optimizing laboratory workflow efficiency.


  1. Enhanced Pathogen Recovery: By providing a nutrient-rich medium tailored to the requirements of fastidious microorganisms, Microzo Chocolate Agar Base enhances the recovery and isolation of clinically significant pathogens, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.
  2. Selective Growth Conditions: The selective properties of this agar base enable the preferential growth of target organisms while inhibiting the proliferation of non-target contaminants, enhancing the specificity and reliability of microbiological analyses.
  3. Consistent Performance: With its standardized formulation and rigorous quality control measures, Microzo Chocolate Agar Base ensures consistent performance and reproducible results.
  4. Cost-effective Solution: By minimizing the need for additional supplements and reagents, this agar base offers a cost-effective solution for culture media preparation.

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