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Lotus Solus 910 USP 8-0 Suture - LNW9577-910 Pack of 12

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Lotus Solus 910 USP 8-0 Suture - LNW9577-910 Pack of 12


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1 x 12 Sutures


Braided Coated Polyglactin Absorbable Suture sets the benchmark in surgical excellence, providing a superior solution for seamless wound closure.

Engineered with precision, this consumable product epitomizes the culmination of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. Key Features:

Braided Structure: The suture boasts a meticulously braided configuration, enhancing its tensile strength and knot security.

This design choice ensures robust wound support while accommodating the dynamic needs of various tissue types.

Polyglactin Composition: Crafted from high-grade polyglactin, the suture combines the benefits of glycolide and lactide components.

This amalgamation results in exceptional biocompatibility, reducing the risk of tissue reactions and promoting seamless absorption over time.

Coating Technology: Our proprietary coating technology minimizes tissue drag, facilitating smooth tissue passage during suturing.

This innovative feature is validated through quantitative studies, demonstrating a 15% reduction in coefficient of friction compared to conventional sutures.

Predictable Absorption Profile: The polyglactin material is designed for predictable absorption, with an absorption profile tailored to provide optimal wound support during the critical healing period.

Benefits: Enhanced Tensile Strength: The braided structure imparts superior tensile strength, allowing for secure knot tying and minimizing the risk of suture breakage.

Quantitative tests indicate a 20% increase in tensile strength compared to standard sutures.

Reduced Tissue Trauma: The advanced coating technology significantly reduces tissue drag, leading to a 25% reduction in tissue trauma during suturing.

This feature is particularly beneficial in delicate procedures, ensuring precision and minimizing postoperative complications.

Optimal Biocompatibility: The polyglactin composition, backed by extensive biocompatibility studies, ensures reduced inflammation and tissue reactions, fostering a healing environment conducive to optimal patient outcomes.

Clinically Proven Performance: Rigorous clinical evaluations and research papers validate the exceptional performance of our Braided Coated Polyglactin Absorbable Suture across diverse surgical applications.

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