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Lotus Monolus USP 6-0 Suture - LNW833G Pack of 12

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Lotus Monolus USP 6-0 Suture - LNW833G Pack of 12


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HSN: 90183210

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1 x 12 Sutures


Monofilament Poliglecaprone 25 Absorbable Suture, a pinnacle of surgical precision and innovation.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this consumable product reflects the fusion of advanced materials and expert engineering to meet the exacting demands of modern medical practice.

Key Features:

Monofilament Construction for Minimal Tissue Reactivity: Crafted from the highest quality poliglecaprone 25, this suture boasts a monofilament structure.

This design minimizes tissue reactivity, reducing the risk of inflammation and allowing for seamless integration into the surgical site.

Surgeons can rely on a predictable and controlled experience, contributing to the precision required in delicate surgical interventions.

Polymer Absorption for Gradual Degradation: Poliglecaprone 25 is known for its gradual absorption profile.


Optimized Healing Environment: The monofilament structure reduces tissue drag and trauma, creating an optimized healing environment. Surgeons can expect minimal disruption to the surrounding tissue, facilitating faster and more comfortable recovery for patients.

Predictable Handling and Knot Security: The uniform diameter and monofilament construction contribute to the suture's predictability during handling.

Surgeons can achieve secure and reliable knots, crucial for ensuring the stability of closures and minimizing the potential for complications post-surgery.

Sold by LOTUS SURGICALS PRIVATE LIMITED& fulfilled byMedikabazaar

Country of OriginIndia
Pack SizePack of 12

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