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LCS Wrist Exerciser Shoulder Wheel - LCS 321

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LCS Wrist Exerciser Shoulder Wheel - LCS 321



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HSN: 902110 00

Description: Introducing the LCS Wrist Exerciser Shoulder Wheel (LCS 321), a state-of-the-art physiotherapy and rehabilitation device meticulously designed for doctors seeking precision in upper limb strengthening. This innovative tool integrates insights from leading research in rehabilitation medicine, providing a comprehensive solution for targeted wrist and shoulder exercises.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Axis Range of Motion: The LCS Wrist Exerciser Shoulder Wheel is engineered with a multi-axis design, allowing doctors to prescribe exercises that encompass a full range of motion for both the wrist and shoulder joints. This feature enables doctors to address complex rehabilitation needs with targeted and precise interventions.

  2. Variable Resistance Settings: With adjustable resistance settings, doctors can tailor the intensity of exercises to meet the unique requirements of each patient. The variable resistance feature is crucial for progressive rehabilitation, allowing for continuous adaptation as patients regain strength and mobility.

  3. Biofeedback Mechanism: Equipped with a sophisticated biofeedback mechanism, this device provides real-time data on the patient's performance. Doctors can utilize quantitative indicators, such as resistance levels and range of motion metrics, to track progress objectively and refine treatment plans accordingly.

  4. Compact and Portable Design: The LCS Wrist Exerciser Shoulder Wheel's compact and portable design ensures versatility in clinical settings. Its easy integration into rehabilitation programs offers doctors a convenient and efficient tool for optimizing patient outcomes.


  1. Precise Wrist and Shoulder Targeting: The multi-axis design of this device allows doctors to precisely target the intricate muscles involved in wrist and shoulder movements. This level of specificity is essential for addressing diverse rehabilitation needs, from post-surgical recovery to chronic conditions.

  2. Adaptable Resistance for Progressive Rehabilitation: The variable resistance settings enable doctors to tailor rehabilitation programs to the evolving needs of patients. This adaptability supports a progressive approach to rehabilitation, ensuring that patients are continually challenged at their optimal level.

  3. Objective Progress Tracking: Leveraging the biofeedback mechanism, doctors can objectively track patient progress. Quantitative data on resistance levels and range of motion not only inform treatment decisions but also provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the prescribed exercises.

  4. Versatile Clinical Integration: The compact and portable design of the LCS Wrist Exerciser Shoulder Wheel enhances its versatility in clinical settings. Whether used in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or private practice, this device seamlessly integrates into various physiotherapy environments.

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Country of OriginIndia
MaterialSttainless Steel