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LCS Medicine Ball - 1kg, LCS 531 A

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LCS Medicine Ball - 1kg, LCS 531 A



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HSN: 95069190

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1 x 1kg Ball

Description: LCS Medicine Ball, a pinnacle of innovation in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, is designed to meet the exacting standards of medical professionals. Engineered by LCS, a trusted name in healthcare solutions, this product represents a cutting-edge approach to therapeutic interventions. The LCS Medicine Ball stands as a testament to precision, versatility, and performance in the realm of rehabilitative care.

Key Features:

  1. Variable Weight Selection: LCS Medicine Ball offers variable weight selection, allowing doctors to tailor resistance levels for individualized therapeutic exercises. This feature ensures a progressive and quantifiable approach to strength training, supporting targeted muscle development.

  2. Textured Surface for Enhanced Grip: The medicine ball is crafted with a textured surface, optimizing grip during exercises. This design feature promotes secure handling, minimizing the risk of slips or mishandling during rehabilitation routines.

  3. Versatility in Exercise Modalities: LCS Medicine Ball provides versatility in exercise modalities, supporting a wide range of rehabilitative exercises. From strength training to dynamic movements, doctors can leverage this product to create comprehensive and patient-specific rehabilitation plans.

  4. Durable and Hygienic Build: Constructed from high-quality, medical-grade materials, LCS Medicine Ball ensures durability and hygiene. The easy-to-clean surface meets stringent healthcare standards, offering doctors a reliable and safe tool for rehabilitation interventions.


  1. Precise and Targeted Rehabilitation: LCS Medicine Ball enables doctors to prescribe exercises with precision and target-specific muscle groups. The variable weight selection allows for a gradual increase in resistance, ensuring a progressive and individualized approach to rehabilitation.

  2. Enhanced Functional Recovery: The textured surface of the medicine ball facilitates secure handling, enabling patients to engage in a variety of dynamic exercises. This supports enhanced functional recovery by promoting coordination, balance, and overall physical dexterity.

  3. Quantifiable Progress Tracking: The variable weight selection empowers doctors to quantifiably track patients' progress. This data-driven approach ensures that rehabilitation plans can be adjusted dynamically based on individual performance, fostering optimal recovery outcomes.

  4. Engaging Patient Experience: LCS Medicine Ball enhances the overall patient experience by offering a versatile and engaging approach to rehabilitation. The variety in exercise modalities keeps patients motivated and actively involved in their recovery journey.

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