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LCS Hand Gym Kit Board - LCS 361

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LCS Hand Gym Kit Board - LCS 361



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HSN: 90211000

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1 x Finger Disc, 1 x Roller, 3 x Spring loaded Knobs, 3 x Aluminum pegs, 3 x Sets of Springs

Description: Introducing the LCS Hand Gym Kit Board (LCS 361), a cutting-edge physiotherapy and rehabilitation solution meticulously designed for medical professionals focused on optimizing hand function. Developed by LCS, a trusted name in healthcare innovations, this Hand Gym Kit Board stands as a testament to precision engineering and technical excellence. Tailored for doctors, it delivers a sophisticated toolset to elevate hand rehabilitation strategies.

Key Features:

  1. Modular Exercise System: The LCS Hand Gym Kit Board employs a modular exercise system, offering a versatile range of exercises to address various aspects of hand strength and coordination. This system enables doctors to tailor rehabilitation programs with unparalleled specificity.

  2. Quantifiable Resistance Levels: Equipped with quantifiable resistance levels, this kit provides doctors with a measurable approach to hand rehabilitation. The ability to precisely adjust resistance ensures progressive and evidence-based training, enhancing the overall efficacy of rehabilitation interventions.

  3. Multidimensional Hand Movements: Designed to facilitate multidimensional hand movements, the Hand Gym Kit Board replicates real-world scenarios. This feature allows doctors to simulate activities of daily living, promoting functional recovery and improved patient outcomes.

  4. Customizable Exercise Protocols: LCS 361 empowers doctors with customizable exercise protocols, enabling the targeting of specific hand muscles and joints. The board's adaptability ensures that rehabilitation plans align with individual patient needs, fostering a tailored and patient-centric approach.


  1. Targeted Hand Rehabilitation: The modular system and quantifiable resistance levels enable doctors to precisely target muscles and joints during rehabilitation. This targeted approach is essential for patients recovering from hand injuries, surgeries, or conditions affecting hand function.

  2. Progress Tracking: The ability to quantify resistance levels facilitates objective progress tracking. Doctors can monitor patients' performance over time, allowing for data-driven adjustments to rehabilitation plans and ensuring optimal recovery trajectories.

  3. Real-world Simulation: Multidimensional hand movements on the Hand Gym Kit Board replicate real-world activities, enhancing the relevance of rehabilitation exercises. This feature contributes to improved functional outcomes as patients regain the ability to perform everyday tasks.

  4. Enhanced Patient Engagement: The customizable exercise protocols cater to individual patient needs, fostering engagement and compliance. Patients experience a sense of accomplishment as they progress through tailored exercises, motivating them to actively participate in their rehabilitation journey.

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