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HME Combination Therapy 5 in 1 Unit IFT+MS+TENS +US+Deep Heat 061

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HME Combination Therapy 5 in 1 Unit IFT+MS+TENS +US+Deep Heat 061


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HSN: 902110 00

What is in the box

1 x Main Unit, 1 x Power cord, 4 x Wires, 4 X Electrodes, 1 x Gel bottle, 2 x Deep heat pads, 1 x US probe, 1 x Pen electrode, 1 x Bag, 2 x Velchro


A combination therapy unit is a medical device that combines multiple therapeutic modalities into a single unit. These devices are used for pain management, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. They are designed to provide various types of treatments and are often used in clinical settings by healthcare professionals.

  • Portable light weight unit microcomputer controlled LCD based programmable device to reduce the deep pain by low frequency,
  • low intensity impulse stimulation, which is carried by a medium frequency,
  • carrier consist, programmable treatment parameters for Interferential Therapy, Muscle Stimulator, Tens,Ultrasonic and Deep Heat


  • Pain Management,
  • Relief from Joint Pain,
  • Relief from Muscle Pain,
  • Relief from Nerve Pain,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Relief from Shoulder, Hip & Knee Pain,
  • Relief from Acute Pain,
  • Relief from Chronic Pain,
  • Relax Muscle Sprain
  • Muscle Re-education

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Country of OriginIndia
4 Pole And 2 Pole220 V
50 Hz1-99mA
0-99 mins<span class="ui-provider ed bnb bms bnc bnd bne bnf bng bnh bni bnj bnk bnl bnm bnn bno bnp bnq bnr bns bnt bnu bnv bnw bnx bny bnz boa bob boc bod boe bof bog boh" dir="ltr"><strong>Warranty:</strong> 1 year service warranty from the date of invoice<br/><strong>Note: </strong>The warranty is not applicable on accessories.<br/><strong>Warranty card will be sent with the order</strong>