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HLL Hilon Suture - 3-0, HL3328, Pack of 12

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HLL Hilon Suture - 3-0, HL3328, Pack of 12


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Product Details

Description: Hilon Sterilized Surgical Needled Suture is a pinnacle of precision and reliability in non-absorbable wound closure. Crafted from monofilament polyamide, this suture is engineered to provide exceptional tensile strength and secure tissue approximation, making it an invaluable tool in various surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Monofilament Polyamide Composition: Hilon Suture is exclusively composed of monofilament polyamide, a synthetic material renowned for its strength and biocompatibility. The monofilament structure ensures smooth tissue passage, reducing trauma and promoting precise wound closure.

  2. Non-Absorbable for Prolonged Support: As a non-absorbable suture, Hilon provides sustained tensile support, making it well-suited for applications where extended wound strength is crucial. This feature is particularly beneficial in surgeries involving tissues subjected to prolonged stress and tension.

  3. Sterilized for Aseptic Assurance: Each Hilon Surgical Needled Suture undergoes rigorous sterilization, ensuring aseptic integrity. This commitment to sterility minimizes the risk of postoperative infections, contributing to optimal wound healing outcomes.


  1. Exceptional Tensile Strength: The monofilament polyamide construction imparts Hilon Suture with exceptional tensile strength.

  2. Smooth Tissue Passage: The monofilament structure facilitates smooth tissue passage, minimizing tissue trauma during suturing. This characteristic is crucial for achieving precise wound approximation and reducing the risk of postoperative complications.

  3. Versatile Across Surgical Specialties: Hilon Suture's non-absorbable nature and monofilament polyamide composition make it versatile for various surgical applications.

Hilon Sterilized Surgical Needled Suture, with its monofilament polyamide composition, symbolizes a commitment to excellence in non-absorbable sutures.

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