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Ethicon Stratafix PGAPCL Suture - USP 2-0 SXMD2B400 Pack of 12

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Ethicon Stratafix PGAPCL Suture - USP 2-0 SXMD2B400 Pack of 12



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1 x 12 Suture

Key Features:

  • Stratafix Technology: At the core of the Ethicon Stratafix PGAPCL Suture is the revolutionary Stratafix technology. This proprietary innovation combines a barbed suture design with a unidirectional, bidirectional, or spiraled configuration, imparting exceptional holding strength to tissues. This design not only minimizes tension but also distributes it evenly, contributing to superior wound approximation.
  • Absorbable Monofilament Material: The suture is fabricated from an absorbable monofilament material composed of Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) and Polycaprolactone (PCL). This blend is chosen for its biocompatibility, allowing for gradual absorption over time. This feature is instrumental in providing sustained wound support during the critical phases of healing.
  • Needle Design for Precision and Control: The attached needle is a testament to Ethicon's commitment to precision. With a sharp, tapered point and a robust yet flexible structure, the needle facilitates smooth tissue penetration while affording surgeons enhanced control during suturing. This is particularly advantageous in intricate procedures where precision is paramount.
  • Strategic Diameter Gradation: The Ethicon Stratafix PGAPCL Suture boasts a strategic diameter gradation along its length, ensuring optimal strength where needed and flexibility where desired. This feature enables surgeons to adapt the suture to varying tissue types and procedural requirements, promoting versatility in application.
  • Tissue Response Modulation: Through extensive research and development, Ethicon has designed the Stratafix PGAPCL Suture to modulate tissue response. The suture minimizes inflammatory reactions, reducing the risk of complications and fostering an environment conducive to accelerated wound healing.
  • Benefits:
  • Efficient Wound Closure: The Stratafix technology in the Ethicon Stratafix PGAPCL Suture streamlines the closure process by providing robust tissue holding strength. Surgeons can achieve efficient wound approximation, leading to reduced operative time and enhanced procedural efficiency.
  • Consistent Performance Across Procedures: This suture is engineered to deliver consistent performance across a spectrum of surgical procedures. Its adaptability to various tissue types and procedural nuances makes it a versatile choice for surgeons across different specialties.

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