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2 x  Delta LAB SGOT (AST) Biochemistry Reagent - 1 Bottle of 100ml

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2 x Delta LAB SGOT (AST) Biochemistry Reagent - 1 Bottle of 100ml


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1 Bottle of 100ml

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Key Features:

  1. High Sensitivity and Specificity: Delta LAB SGOT Biochemistry Reagent boasts exceptional sensitivity and specificity, enabling doctors to detect subtle changes in SGOT levels with confidence. This precision is critical for early diagnosis and effective management of liver and cardiac disorders.

  2. Calibrated for Clinical Accuracy: The reagent is meticulously calibrated to align with clinical standards, ensuring accurate and reliable SGOT measurements. This calibration is imperative for doctors relying on precise biochemical data to inform their diagnostic decisions.

  3. Optimized Enzymatic Reaction: The reagent is formulated to optimize the enzymatic reaction involved in SGOT measurement. This results in a rapid and efficient reaction, reducing turnaround time for test results and facilitating prompt patient management.

  4. Stability and Shelf Life: Delta LAB SGOT Biochemistry Reagent is engineered for stability, maintaining its efficacy over an extended shelf life. This feature minimizes the risk of reagent deterioration, guaranteeing consistent performance throughout the product's lifespan.

  5. Ease of Integration: Designed for seamless integration into various biochemistry analyzers, this reagent ensures compatibility and ease of use across diverse laboratory setups. Doctors benefit from a versatile diagnostic tool that aligns with their laboratory's instrumentation.


  1. Early Detection of Liver Disorders: The high sensitivity of Delta LAB SGOT Biochemistry Reagent allows doctors to detect early signs of liver dysfunction. This early detection is crucial for initiating timely interventions and preventing the progression of liver diseases.

  2. Cardiac Health Monitoring: As a reliable marker for cardiac health, SGOT measurements aid doctors in assessing heart function and identifying potential cardiovascular issues. This information is invaluable for formulating effective treatment plans and monitoring patient outcomes.

  3. Accurate Diagnostic Decision-Making: The clinical accuracy of the reagent ensures that doctors can rely on SGOT measurements for precise diagnostic decision-making. This is particularly important when evaluating patients with complex medical conditions that impact liver or heart function.

  4. Streamlined Laboratory Operations: The optimized enzymatic reaction and ease of integration contribute to streamlined laboratory operations. Doctors benefit from efficient workflows, allowing them to focus on comprehensive patient care without compromising on diagnostic accuracy.

  5. Long-Term Reliability: The stability and extended shelf life of Delta LAB SGOT Biochemistry Reagent underscore its long-term reliability. Doctors can trust that the reagent will consistently deliver accurate results, providing a dependable foundation for ongoing patient care.

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