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Amaryllis Trolley Sheet - Medium Pack of 10 (35474)

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Amaryllis Trolley Sheet - Medium Pack of 10 (35474)



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1 x 10 Trolley Sheet

Description: Elevate your operation theatre standards with Amaryllis Trolley Sheet - Medium, a pack of 10 meticulously designed sheets tailored for medical professionals. Crafted to meet the highest hygiene standards, this product ensures a sterile environment crucial for surgical procedures.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Operation Theatre: Amaryllis Trolley Sheet is specifically designed for operation theatre use, catering to the unique requirements of surgical settings. Its design and material enhance the overall sterility of the environment.
  • Excellent Fluid Absorption: The trolley sheet excels in fluid absorption, providing a reliable barrier against various fluids encountered during medical procedures. This feature contributes to maintaining a clean and dry workspace.
  • Impervious Double Layer: Amaryllis Trolley Sheet boasts an impervious double-layer design, adding an extra layer of safety. The double layer ensures enhanced protection against fluid penetration, maintaining the integrity of the trolley cover.
  • Versatile Trolley Cover: This product is versatile and can be used as a cover for instrument and equipment trolleys. Its adaptability makes it an essential accessory for maintaining a sterile environment for medical instruments and equipment.
  • Infection Prevention: Amaryllis Trolley Sheet actively prevents infections resulting from blood and fluid content. It acts as a crucial barrier, reducing the risk of contamination and contributing to overall infection control in healthcare settings.
  • Hospital Infection Avoidance: By using Amaryllis Trolley Sheet, hospitals can effectively avoid infections. The sheet's properties and construction align with the stringent infection control measures required in healthcare facilities.


  • Sterile Operation Environment: The trolley sheet enhances the sterility of the operation theatre, providing medical professionals with a reliable solution for maintaining a clean and controlled workspace during surgeries.
  • Enhanced Safety: The impervious double-layer design ensures enhanced safety by preventing fluid penetration. This feature adds an extra layer of protection, contributing to the overall safety of medical procedures.
  • Instrument and Equipment Protection: The trolley sheet serves a dual purpose by acting as a protective cover for instruments and equipment. It helps preserve the cleanliness and functionality of critical medical tools.
  • Infection Control Measures: Amaryllis Trolley Sheet actively supports infection control measures in hospitals. Its fluid-absorbing and impervious properties contribute to a safer and more hygienic healthcare environment.

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