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Plastx Polypropylene Reload Low Retention Micropipette Tip - 10ul LR Pack of 960 (10
Racks) Pieces (171201)

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Plastx Polypropylene Reload Low Retention Micropipette Tip - 10ul LR Pack of 960 (10 Racks) Pieces (171201)


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Pack of 960 (10 Racks) Pieces

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1x Pack of 960 Pieces


The Plastx Polypropylene Reload Low Retention Micropipette Tip heralds a new era in diagnostic precision, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous standards of medical professionals. Drawing inspiration from advanced polypropylene technology and insights from technical documents, this micropipette tip redefines efficiency and accuracy in sample handling with a focus on low retention.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Reload Mechanism: The Plastx Tip incorporates an advanced reload mechanism, optimizing the pipetting process. This design, influenced by technical specifications, empowers doctors to swiftly replace tips, ensuring minimal sample waste and enhanced laboratory efficiency.

  2. Low Retention Technology: Employing cutting-edge low retention technology, this tip minimizes sample adhesion, substantiated by research. The result is precise and uncontaminated sample delivery, a critical factor in achieving accurate and reproducible diagnostic outcomes.

  3. Polypropylene Construction for Chemical Resilience: Crafted from high-grade polypropylene, the tip ensures chemical resilience, aligning with stringent diagnostic demands. This material choice, grounded in technical literature, guarantees compatibility with a diverse range of diagnostic reagents, safeguarding sample integrity.


  1. Efficient Sample Handling: The innovative reload mechanism streamlines the pipetting process, contributing to enhanced laboratory workflow efficiency. Doctors experience seamless sample handling, optimizing time and resources for increased diagnostic throughput.

  2. Minimized Sample Adhesion for Unparalleled Accuracy: The low retention technology minimizes sample adhesion, ensuring each diagnostic analysis is uncontaminated. Doctors can rely on the accuracy and integrity of their results, meeting the highest standards of precision in diagnostics.

  3. Chemical Compatibility for Diverse Applications: The polypropylene construction ensures compatibility with a diverse range of diagnostic reagents, making the Plastx Tip suitable for various diagnostic applications. Doctors can trust in the stability and reliability of their results across different laboratory protocols.

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