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JMS Medi-Tape  Surgical Tape - 0.5inch x 9Meter 300 Pack of 24

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JMS Medi-Tape Surgical Tape - 0.5inch x 9Meter 300 Pack of 24


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1 x 24 Surgical Tape

Key Features:

  1. Microperforation Technology: JMS Medi-Tape incorporates microperforation technology, optimizing breathability without compromising adhesive strength. This feature promotes optimal wound healing by facilitating air circulation while providing a secure and gentle hold.

  2. High-Tack Adhesive Formula: The surgical tape features a high-tack adhesive formula that ensures strong and reliable fixation. This property is crucial in surgical settings, where stability and security are paramount for successful outcomes.

  3. Conformable and Flexible: Engineered for versatility, JMS Medi-Tape is designed to conform seamlessly to the contours of the skin. Its flexibility allows for easy application around joints and other anatomical features, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.

  4. Gentle on the Skin: Recognizing the importance of patient comfort, the surgical tape is formulated to be gentle on the skin. It minimizes the risk of irritation and promotes a positive patient experience during the healing process.

  5. Radiolucent for Imaging Compatibility: JMS Medi-Tape is radiolucent, meaning it does not interfere with medical imaging procedures such as X-rays. This feature enhances its versatility in surgical and diagnostic settings, allowing for accurate assessments without the need for tape removal.


  1. Reliable Surgical Fixation: The high-tack adhesive ensures secure fixation of dressings and medical devices, providing healthcare professionals with confidence in the stability of their interventions.

  2. Promotes Optimal Wound Healing: Microperforation technology supports a conducive environment for wound healing by allowing air to reach the affected area. This, in turn, contributes to faster and more efficient recovery.

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