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Slit Lamp refurbished SL-1E

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14mm slit illumination :
For maximum flexibility, the slit width is continuously adjustable from 0 to 14mm and is controlled by seven apertures. The 14mm height facilitates the evaluation of today's larger diameter soft contact lenses.

Omnidirectional Joystick :
For fast, effortless positioning. The one-hand control permits precise centring, height adjustment and focusing.

Variable Magnification Capability :
• Comfortable stereoscopic viewing is provided by the converging biomicroscope system.
• Magnification 10X and 16X, or 16X and 25X with optional 16X eyepieces.

Halogen illumination :
Visualisation is improved due to the properties of halogen illumination; the blue characteristic supplies a more natural view.

Built-in filters :
Versatility in examination is enhanced by the three filters, which can be easily inserted into the light path.
• A blue filter for tonometry and fluorescein excitation
• A green filter for vascular contrast
• A heat-absorbing filter for patient comfort
• Several optional accessories available

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