Refurbished/Old Equipment (Medika Recycle)

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Buy refurbished medical equipment

A medical device is considered to be refurbished when the device or a part of the device is rebuilt from one or more used medical devices and can be used for the purpose initially intended by the original device. In today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape, deciding how to invest in new major medical equipment can be daunting for many healthcare professionals. Purchasing refurbished medical equipment is an increasingly attractive option for many customers who are looking to obtain necessary medical devices while reducing what can often be extreme costs. Most diagnostic, therapeutic, and patient monitoring medical equipment can be acquired at a substantially reduced cost by choosing to buy these items from a trusted supplier of refurbished medical products.

Diagnostic imaging equipment is used to create a visual representation of the internal organs of the body to help in medical intervention and clinical analysis. Equipment such as X-rays, ultrasound systems, mammography equipment, MRIs, and CT systems are used for imaging in conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and disorders of the reproductive organs. The number of radiological medical procedures has increased as a result of improved healthcare policies and advances in diagnostic imaging equipment technology will boost this segment’s growth in the coming years.

The buying, selling, and use of pre-owned medical equipment is quite common. The medical care community requires a lot of medical equipment to operate, and it often makes sense to reuse items whenever possible. Medical facilities can save a lot of money by buying and selling used equipment. The refurbishment process creates jobs and businesses. Reusing equipment saves waste and is environmentally friendly. There are many reasons to purchase used medical equipment.

There are different levels of refurbishment. Medical equipment may be pre-owned, used, refurbished, or reconditioned, in addition to being new. Not all these terms are synonymous, however. “Used” equipment is generally sold as is. “Pre-owned” means the equipment was purchased new by someone else, but does not indicate the duration of ownership or the condition the unit was in at the time of resale. A refurbished or reconditioned unit has been repaired in some way, either functionally, cosmetically, or both.

•Visual refurbishment

•Parts replacement

•Full refurbishment

Purchasing refurbished medical equipment can save your facility a lot of money. Just compare the prices of new and refurbished pieces of equipment and you’ll notice immediately that there’s a big difference in the cost of new and refurbished units.

With all the equipment and supplies necessary for a modern medical facility to function competitively, it can mean a big initial investment followed by regular maintenance and upgrades. The thousands of dollars you save on each purchase of used equipment can be put back into the facility and the savings passed on to your clients.

Not all medical equipment companies sell refurbished units and not all medical equipment is available used. It’s worth noting that not all medical equipment is available used. But there are certain systems and units that are routinely purchased as used or refurbished, and these make up the bulk of refurbished medical equipment supplies sales.

The following units are commonly sold as refurbished items:

• Anaesthesia machines

• Defibrillators

• EKG machines

• Exam lights

• Surgical tables

• Patient monitors

• Sterilizers

• Cardiac stress systems

• Diagnostic ultrasound machines

Medikabazaar is an online platform which provides the unique option of buying and selling refurbished or used medical supplies. This option is called as “Medika Recycle”.