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Eltek Without Holding Clamps Orbital Shaker - 350 x 350mm Pack of 1 Unit (OS 1 )

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Eltek Without Holding Clamps Orbital Shaker - 350 x 350mm Pack of 1 Unit (OS 1 )


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Description: The Eltek Without Holding Clamps Orbital Shaker is a precision-engineered laboratory instrument designed for meticulous mixing and shaking applications without the need for holding clamps. This shaker exemplifies Eltek's commitment to innovation, providing a versatile solution for laboratories seeking efficient and hassle-free sample agitation.

Key Features:

  1. Clamp-Free Design: The orbital shaker is ingeniously crafted without holding clamps, streamlining the sample loading and unloading process. This design feature offers unmatched convenience and accessibility during operation.

  2. Versatile Orbital Motion: The shaker delivers a precise orbital motion, ensuring uniform mixing of samples across a range of vessels. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for applications in molecular biology, biochemistry, and other scientific disciplines.

  3. Adjustable Speed and Timer: With adjustable speed and timer settings, users have full control over the shaking parameters, allowing for customization based on the specific requirements of different experiments and applications.

  4. Robust Construction: Engineered with durability in mind, the orbital shaker features a robust construction, providing stability and reliability during prolonged and demanding laboratory use.

  5. Quiet Operation: The shaker operates with minimal noise, creating a conducive working environment in the laboratory without compromising performance.


  1. Efficient Mixing Without Clamps: The clamp-free design simplifies the sample handling process, allowing for efficient and convenient loading and unloading of samples without the need for clamps.

  2. Uniform Orbital Motion: The precise orbital motion ensures uniform mixing of samples, promoting reliable and reproducible results across various applications.

  3. Customizable Shaking Parameters: Adjustable speed and timer settings provide users with the flexibility to tailor the shaking parameters to suit the specific requirements of their experiments.

  4. Durable and Stable: The robust construction ensures the shaker's durability and stability, contributing to consistent performance even during long-term and demanding usage.

  5. Quiet Laboratory Environment: The shaker's quiet operation minimizes noise in the laboratory, creating a conducive workspace for researchers and technicians.

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