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Woodpecker DTE - D3 Non Optic Ultrasonic Scaler

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Woodpecker DTE - D3 Non Optic Ultrasonic Scaler



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HSN: 90184900

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1 x DTE - D3 Non Optic Ultrasonic Scaler

Description: The Woodpecker DTE D3 Non-Optic Ultrasonic Scaler stands as a testament to precision and efficiency, embodying Woodpecker's commitment to state-of-the-art dental technology. This ultrasonic scaler is meticulously designed to provide practitioners with a reliable and versatile tool for effective calculus and plaque removal.

Key Features:

  1. Piezoelectric Transducer Technology: The DTE D3 Non-Optic employs advanced piezoelectric transducer technology, delivering controlled vibrations for precise and efficient calculus removal. This technology ensures a gentle yet thorough approach, contributing to patient comfort during scaling procedures.

  2. Auto-tuning Frequency System: Equipped with an auto-tuning frequency system, the scaler intelligently adjusts to the varying resistance encountered during scaling. This feature optimizes power output, ensuring consistent and efficient performance across different tooth surfaces.

  3. Versatile Scaling Tips: The D3 Non-Optic comes with a range of versatile scaling tips, crafted from high-quality materials. These tips are designed to address specific clinical requirements, offering practitioners the flexibility to perform a variety of procedures with optimal efficacy.

  4. Real-time Power Adjustment: The ultrasonic scaler features real-time power adjustment, allowing practitioners to fine-tune the power settings during procedures. This adaptability enhances precision, enabling practitioners to customize the scaling experience based on patient needs and different treatment scenarios.

  5. Ergonomic Design for Practitioner Comfort: Woodpecker places a premium on practitioner comfort, and the DTE D3 Non-Optic reflects this commitment with its ergonomic design. The lightweight and well-balanced construction reduce hand fatigue, ensuring that practitioners can maintain optimal control throughout extended scaling sessions.


  1. Gentle and Thorough Calculus Removal: The piezoelectric transducer technology facilitates gentle yet thorough calculus removal, providing an effective solution for patients while maintaining the integrity of tooth surfaces.

  2. Consistent Performance Across Tooth Surfaces: The auto-tuning frequency system ensures consistent performance by adapting to the resistance encountered on different tooth surfaces. This feature contributes to uniform calculus removal and optimal results across the entire oral cavity.

  3. Versatility in Clinical Applications: The diverse range of scaling tips accommodates various clinical scenarios, providing practitioners with the tools needed for tailored treatments. This versatility positions the DTE D3 Non-Optic as a valuable asset in a spectrum of dental procedures.

  4. Precision with Real-time Power Adjustment: Real-time power adjustment allows practitioners to fine-tune the power settings during procedures, enhancing precision and control. This adaptability is particularly valuable in situations where different levels of power are required for varied treatment needs.

  5. Practitioner Well-being: The ergonomic design of the DTE D3 Non-Optic prioritizes practitioner comfort, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. This design consideration not only enhances the practitioner's well-being but also promotes sustained accuracy in treatment delivery.

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Country of OriginChina
Unit TypeStand-alone Unit
LED HandpieceNA
PiezoWith Piezo
Automatic Water SupplyAutomatic Water Supply
Warranty1 Year
Product NameWoodpecker DTE - D3 Non Optic Ultrasonic Scaler
TypeUltrasonic Scaler