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Wizdent Fine Art Restorative Kit

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Wizdent Fine Art Restorative Kit



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HSN: 30064000

What is in the box

4 x Composite Syringe 1 x Flowable Syringe 1 x Bond


The Wizdent Fine Art Restorative Kit heralds a new era in dental restorative procedures, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of modern dental practitioners. Developed with precision and expertise, this kit seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and fine-tuned materials to elevate the artistry and efficacy of restorative dentistry.

Key Features:

  1. Nano-Hybrid Composite Technology: The cornerstone of the Fine Art Restorative Kit lies in its incorporation of advanced Nano-Hybrid Composite Technology. This groundbreaking technology ensures an optimal balance between strength and aesthetics. The nano-sized particles contribute to superior polishability, mimicking the natural translucency and shade variations of enamel.

  2. Multi-Layer Shade System: Enabling practitioners to replicate the nuanced shades of natural dentition, the Fine Art Restorative Kit boasts a comprehensive Multi-Layer Shade System. This feature allows for precise color matching, providing a seamless integration of restorations with surrounding teeth.

  3. High Radiopacity for Diagnostics: Recognizing the paramount importance of diagnostics, the kit incorporates materials with high radiopacity. This ensures clear visibility on diagnostic imaging, facilitating accurate assessments and enabling practitioners to make informed decisions during the treatment planning phase.

  4. Low Polymerization Shrinkage: Addressing the perennial challenge of polymerization shrinkage, the Fine Art Restorative Kit is engineered to minimize shrinkage stress. The low polymerization shrinkage not only enhances the longevity of the restoration but also contributes to the prevention of microleakage and secondary caries.

  5. Bioactive and Biocompatible Formulation: In adherence to the highest standards of patient safety, the materials within the kit are formulated to be bioactive and biocompatible. This ensures that restorations not only seamlessly integrate into the oral environment but also contribute positively to the overall oral health.


  1. Natural Aesthetics with Nano-Hybrid Composite Technology: The Nano-Hybrid Composite Technology empowers practitioners to achieve restorations that exhibit natural aesthetics, closely resembling the optical properties of natural enamel. This enhances patient satisfaction and ensures that restorations harmonize seamlessly with the patient's dentition.

  2. Precision in Shade Matching with Multi-Layer Shade System: The Multi-Layer Shade System provides practitioners with a palette of shades, enabling precise color matching for restorations. This level of precision is essential for achieving restorations that are virtually indistinguishable from the adjacent natural teeth.

  3. Diagnostic Clarity with High Radiopacity: High radiopacity in the kit's materials enhances diagnostic clarity, allowing practitioners to visualize restorations on imaging with exceptional detail. This feature aids in accurate treatment planning and ensures comprehensive assessments of the restoration's fit and integrity.

  4. Longevity through Low Polymerization Shrinkage: By minimizing polymerization shrinkage, the Fine Art Restorative Kit promotes the longevity of restorations. This not only contributes to the sustained success of the restoration but also reduces the likelihood of complications such as microleakage and secondary caries.

  5. Patient Safety with Bioactive and Biocompatible Formulation: The bioactive and biocompatible formulation prioritizes patient safety, ensuring that restorations seamlessly integrate into the oral environment without causing adverse reactions. This commitment to safety aligns with the highest ethical and professional standards of dental care.

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Country of OriginIndia
Restorative TypeComposite
Product NameWizdent Fine Art Restorative Kit
TypeRestorative Kit
ApplicationDental restorations
FeaturesVariety of shades and materials
BenefitsVersatile for various procedures