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Venticare Disposable Limb circuit - Three Limb Adult

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Venticare Disposable Limb circuit - Three Limb Adult



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1 x 1 Circuit

Description: The Venticare Disposable Limb Circuit sets a new standard in respiratory diagnostics, combining cutting-edge technology with the highest quality materials. Precision-engineered for medical professionals, this three-limb circuit ensures accurate and reliable diagnostic measurements, setting the stage for advanced patient care. Venticare's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this disposable circuit.

Key Features:

  1. Trilaminar Construction: The circuit employs a trilaminar construction, integrating distinct layers to optimize functionality. This design facilitates efficient oxygen delivery and carbon dioxide removal, maintaining the delicate balance required for precise diagnostic readings.

  2. Advanced Gas Sampling Line: Equipped with an advanced gas sampling line, this circuit captures respiratory gases with unparalleled accuracy. The line is designed to minimize dead space, ensuring that the collected sample is a true representation of the patient's respiratory parameters.

  3. Secure Patient Interface: Venticare prioritizes patient comfort and safety with a secure patient interface. The three-limb design provides a stable connection, reducing the risk of disconnection during diagnostic procedures and promoting a seamless patient experience.


  1. Enhanced Diagnostic Precision: The trilaminar construction and advanced gas sampling line work in tandem to deliver diagnostic precision. Medical professionals can rely on the circuit to provide accurate and reliable measurements critical for informed decision-making.

  2. Reduced Contamination Risk: The disposable nature of the limb circuit minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring a hygienic environment for both patients and medical practitioners. This feature is particularly valuable in clinical settings where infection control is paramount.

  3. Improved Patient Compliance: The secure patient interface promotes patient compliance during diagnostic procedures. With a stable and comfortable connection, patients are more likely to cooperate, leading to more effective and efficient diagnostic assessments.

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Country of OriginIndia
Number of LimbsThree Limb

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