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Vacsure Evacuated Glucose Fluoride Oxalate Vaccum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Tubes

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Vacsure Evacuated Glucose Fluoride Oxalate Vaccum Blood Collection Tube - 2ml Pack of 100 Tubes


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Pack of 100 Tubes

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1x100 Tubes

Advanced Glucose Stabilization:

The Vacsure Evacuated Glucose Fluoride Oxalate Vacuum Blood Collection Tube employs advanced glucose stabilization technology, ensuring the precise preservation of glucose levels in collected blood samples. This innovative feature enables reliable and accurate glucose level measurements, contributing to enhanced diagnostic accuracy and comprehensive patient care in clinical settings. With its exceptional glucose stabilization capabilities, this blood collection tube serves as a dependable resource for monitoring and evaluating glucose levels in patients, facilitating effective disease management and treatment monitoring for various medical conditions.

Efficient Oxalate Anticoagulation:

Equipped with efficient oxalate anticoagulation properties, the blood collection tube facilitates effective prevention of blood clotting, ensuring the maintenance of sample quality and stability during the collection and processing of blood samples. The inclusion of oxalate anticoagulants enhances the tube's ability to maintain sample integrity and prevents interference with glucose measurements, enabling precise and reliable analysis of glucose levels in collected blood samples. This feature significantly contributes to the accuracy and reliability of glucose testing results, making it an essential tool for healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians conducting comprehensive diagnostic assessments.

Vacuum Technology for Sample Preservation:

Engineered with advanced vacuum technology, the blood collection tube ensures the airtight containment of blood samples, preventing air exposure and minimizing the risk of sample contamination during transportation and storage. The robust vacuum seal maintains the stability and integrity of collected blood specimens, preserving the quality of glucose measurements and promoting reliable diagnostic testing outcomes. Its vacuum technology guarantees the secure and reliable preservation of blood samples, allowing healthcare facilities and laboratories to maintain the integrity of collected specimens and ensure accurate and consistent glucose level measurements for optimal patient care and diagnostic evaluation.

Comprehensive Application and Compatibility:

The blood collection tube is designed for versatile application and compatibility with various blood collection and analysis instruments, ensuring seamless integration into diverse laboratory workflows. Its standardized dimensions and universal compatibility enable easy incorporation into existing laboratory processes, promoting versatile application and accommodating a wide range of diagnostic tests and research investigations. Its broad compatibility makes it a practical and adaptable option for healthcare professionals and laboratory technicians in various clinical and research settings, supporting comprehensive glucose testing and analysis for diverse patient populations and research studies.

Quality Assurance and Compliance:

Compliant with the most rigorous industry standards and regulations, the Vacsure Evacuated Glucose Fluoride Oxalate Vacuum Blood Collection Tube upholds the highest quality and safety requirements established by regulatory authorities and medical organizations. Its adherence to stringent quality standards reflects its reliability and performance, making it a trusted choice for healthcare facilities and clinical laboratories that prioritize sample quality, analytical precision, and compliance with industry regulations and best practices. Its commitment to quality assurance and regulatory compliance underscores its suitability for accurate and reliable glucose testing, ensuring comprehensive patient care and precise diagnostic evaluations across various healthcare and research settings.

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