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Unitech Vision Snellen Vision Chart - LCD

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Unitech Vision Snellen Vision Chart - LCD



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1 x 10 Vision Chart

Description: Elevate your vision assessments with the Unitech Vision Snellen Vision Chart - LCD, a cutting-edge consumable product designed to enhance accuracy in ophthalmic examinations. This LCD chart, based on Snellen's principles, revolutionizes visual acuity testing for precise diagnostics.

Key Features:

  • Progressive Size Variation: The Snellen Vision Chart features block letters meticulously imprinted with a progressive decrease in size. Each line corresponds to the distance at which the letters should be normally visible, facilitating comprehensive visual acuity assessment.
  • Scientific Design: Each block letter on the chart is scientifically crafted to ensure accuracy in testing. At the appropriate testing distance, the letter subtends a visual angle of 5 degrees, with each component part subtending an angle of 1 minute. This precision ensures reliable and standardized vision assessments.
  • LCD Technology: The implementation of LCD technology enhances the durability and versatility of the chart. The clarity of the letters and the chart's adaptability to various testing environments contribute to a seamless and efficient diagnostic process.


  • Accurate Visual Acuity Testing: The progressive size variation of block letters enables accurate testing of visual acuity, providing medical professionals with precise insights into patients' vision capabilities.
  • Scientific Precision: The scientific design of each letter ensures standardized testing conditions, allowing for consistent and reliable vision assessments across different patients and settings.
  • Durable LCD Technology: The integration of LCD technology not only enhances the clarity of the chart but also ensures long-term durability, making it a valuable and enduring tool in any medical practice.
  • Versatile Testing Environments: The LCD Snellen Vision Chart adapts seamlessly to various testing environments, offering flexibility to medical practitioners and optimizing the efficiency of vision examinations.

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