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Ugin Ceramic Furnace C200 Lab Equipment

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Ugin Ceramic Furnace C200 Lab Equipment



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HSN: 84191110

Description: Experience precision and reliability in dental laboratory work with the Ugin Ceramic Furnace C200—a cutting-edge lab equipment designed to meet the highest standards of dental ceramic firing. Meticulously crafted for optimal performance, this ceramic furnace offers dental technicians a versatile and efficient solution for their laboratory needs.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Firing Technology: The Ugin Ceramic Furnace C200 incorporates advanced firing technology, ensuring precise and consistent firing of dental ceramics. Technical specifications outlined in Ugin's product documentation highlight the furnace's ability to achieve accurate temperature control for various ceramic materials.

  2. Programmable Firing Cycles: With programmable firing cycles, this furnace allows dental technicians to customize firing parameters based on specific ceramic materials and restoration requirements. The flexibility offered by programmable cycles, detailed in Ugin's specifications, ensures optimal results for diverse applications.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, making the Ugin Ceramic Furnace C200 accessible to dental technicians of varying experience levels. The intuitive design, in line with Ugin's commitment to user-centric solutions, contributes to a seamless workflow in the dental laboratory.


  1. Precision in Ceramic Firing: The advanced firing technology ensures precision in ceramic firing, enabling dental technicians to achieve consistent and accurate results. This level of precision is crucial for the creation of high-quality dental restorations.

  2. Customizable Firing Parameters: The ability to program firing cycles allows for customizable firing parameters, catering to the specific requirements of different ceramic materials. Dental technicians can fine-tune the furnace settings for optimal outcomes in various restoration scenarios.

  3. Efficient Workflow Integration: The user-friendly interface enhances workflow integration in the dental laboratory. Dental technicians can operate the Ugin Ceramic Furnace C200 with ease, leading to increased efficiency and productivity in daily laboratory tasks.

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