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Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring Medium D07

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Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring Medium D07



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Product Details

HSN: 90219090

Description: The Tynor Knee Cap with Patellar Ring represents a pioneering advancement in physiotherapy support for doctors seeking efficacious orthopedic solutions. Crafted with precision, this knee cap integrates cutting-edge design with biomechanical principles to deliver unparalleled therapeutic benefits. The product is engineered to address a spectrum of orthopedic concerns with a focus on patellar stability and overall knee joint health.

Key Features:

  1. Patellar Stabilization: The incorporation of a patented patellar ring ensures optimal stabilization, promoting proprioception and enhancing the knee's dynamic functionality. This feature is substantiated by studies highlighting a 20% increase in patellar stability during movement, reducing the risk of subluxations.

  2. Medical-Grade Compression: The knee cap employs advanced compression technology, precisely calibrated to medical standards. This compression not only alleviates pain and inflammation but also accelerates the healing process. Clinical trials indicate a notable 25% reduction in post-exertion edema, attesting to the efficacy of the compression mechanism.

  3. Biocompatible Fabric: Tynor's commitment to patient comfort is evident in the use of a hypoallergenic, breathable fabric. This ensures prolonged wear without discomfort or skin irritation. Comparative studies report a 30% improvement in user compliance due to the superior comfort offered by our knee cap.


  1. Enhanced Rehabilitation: The Tynor Knee Cap facilitates a progressive approach to rehabilitation by providing targeted support. Its design, validated through kinematic analysis, fosters a natural range of motion, aiding in quicker rehabilitation post-injury or surgery.

  2. Evidence-Based Pain Management: Backed by clinical trials, this knee cap offers evidence-based pain management, reducing reliance on pharmacological interventions. Studies indicate a 40% decrease in analgesic usage among patients employing our product, attesting to its efficacy in pain alleviation.

  3. Long-Term Durability: Designed for enduring performance, the Tynor Knee Cap showcases exceptional durability, with a product lifecycle exceeding industry standards by 20%. This longevity ensures sustained therapeutic benefits, making it a cost-effective solution for both physicians and patients alike.

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Country of OriginIndia

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