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Trivitron Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card - Pack of 30 Tests (30201448)

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Trivitron Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card - Pack of 30 Tests (30201448)


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Pack of 30 Tests

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Product Details

Key Features:

  1. NS1 Antigen Detection: The Trivitron Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card employs a highly sensitive and specific immunoassay to detect the Dengue virus's NS1 antigen. This key viral protein is pivotal in the early stages of Dengue infection, allowing for swift and precise diagnosis.

  2. Quantitative Indicators: Equipped with quantitative indicators, this diagnostic tool goes beyond binary results, providing numerical insights into the NS1 antigen levels. This quantitative data aids healthcare professionals in assessing the severity of the infection and tailoring appropriate treatment strategies.

  3. Rapid Turnaround Time: With a rapid turnaround time, healthcare professionals can swiftly obtain results, facilitating prompt decision-making and timely initiation of Dengue-specific interventions. Speed is crucial in managing Dengue cases effectively.

  4. High Sensitivity and Specificity: The advanced technology utilized in the Trivitron Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card ensures high sensitivity and specificity, minimizing the risk of false positives or false negatives. This accuracy is paramount for reliable Dengue diagnosis.

  5. User-Friendly Design: Crafted with the end user in mind, the Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card features a user-friendly design for seamless operation by healthcare professionals. The intuitive design streamlines the testing process, making it an essential tool in busy clinical settings.


  1. Early and Accurate Diagnosis: The NS1 antigen detection capability facilitates early and accurate diagnosis of Dengue infection, enabling healthcare professionals to initiate timely interventions for improved patient outcomes.

  2. Quantitative Insights for Severity Assessment: The inclusion of quantitative indicators provides healthcare professionals with numerical insights into NS1 antigen levels, aiding in the assessment of Dengue infection severity. This quantitative data supports tailored treatment planning.

  3. Swift Turnaround for Timely Interventions: The rapid turnaround time of the Trivitron Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card allows for swift results, enabling healthcare professionals to make timely decisions and initiate Dengue-specific interventions promptly.

  4. Reliable Sensitivity and Specificity: The high sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic tool contribute to the reliability of Dengue diagnosis, reducing the likelihood of diagnostic errors and ensuring accurate results.

  5. Efficient and User-Friendly Operation: The user-friendly design enhances the efficiency of Dengue screening, making the Trivitron Dengue Ag NS1 Rapid Card a valuable asset for healthcare professionals in diverse clinical settings.

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