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Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Mc12 Pipette - 30-300ul  Pack of 1 Piece (46300500)

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Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Mc12 Pipette - 30-300ul Pack of 1 Piece (46300500)


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1x Micropipette


The Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Mc12 Pipette, available in a pack of 1 piece with the model number 46300500, is a precision instrument designed for accurate and efficient liquid handling in laboratory applications. This pipette exemplifies Thermo Scientific's commitment to quality and innovation, providing researchers with a reliable tool for precise pipetting.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Volume Range: The Finnpipette Novus Mc12 offers an adjustable volume range of 30-300 µl, providing versatility for various liquid handling tasks. This flexibility allows researchers to handle a broad spectrum of sample volumes with a single pipette.

  2. Ergonomic Design: Engineered with user comfort in mind, the pipette features an ergonomic design. The lightweight construction, comfortable grip, and smooth plunger action reduce hand strain during prolonged pipetting sessions, enhancing overall user experience.

  3. Easy Volume Adjustment: The pipette's user-friendly design includes an easy-to-adjust volume setting mechanism. Researchers can quickly and precisely set the desired volume, facilitating efficient and accurate pipetting for diverse laboratory applications.


  1. Precision and Accuracy: The Finnpipette Novus Mc12 is crafted to deliver exceptional precision and accuracy in liquid handling. Researchers can trust the reliability of volume settings, ensuring reproducible results in experimental and analytical procedures.

  2. Reduced Hand Fatigue: The ergonomic design contributes to reduced hand fatigue during extended pipetting sessions. This feature is particularly valuable in laboratories where efficiency and user comfort are paramount to maintaining consistent results.

  3. Versatility in Applications: With its adjustable volume range, the pipette is versatile for a wide range of laboratory applications, from routine pipetting to more specialized tasks. This adaptability makes it a valuable tool for diverse research needs.

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Country of OriginUnited States
Pack SizePack of 1 Piece

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