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Tehoo Roth Mini Conventional Brackets - 018 Non-Extraction Kit 20 Pcs - T1MR18K

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Tehoo Roth Mini Conventional Brackets - 018 Non-Extraction Kit 20 Pcs - T1MR18K



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018 Non-Extraction Kit 20 Pcs - T1MR18K

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20 Brackets

Description: Tehoo Roth Mini Conventional Brackets are precision-engineered orthodontic brackets designed to offer efficient and effective tooth movement in a compact form. Manufactured by Tehoo, these mini brackets follow the Roth prescription, providing orthodontic practitioners with a reliable tool for achieving precise and controlled tooth alignment.

Key Features:

  1. Roth Prescription Design: Tehoo Roth Mini Conventional Brackets adhere to the Roth prescription, a widely recognized and respected bracket system in orthodontics. This design ensures consistent and predictable tooth movement during orthodontic treatment.

  2. Miniature Size: The brackets feature a miniature size, offering a low-profile appearance that enhances patient comfort. The compact design reduces soft tissue irritation and allows for improved oral hygiene during the course of orthodontic treatment.

  3. Smooth Contoured Edges: Crafted with smooth contoured edges, the brackets prioritize patient comfort by minimizing soft tissue irritation. This design feature contributes to a positive orthodontic experience for the patient.

  4. Slot Precision: Tehoo Roth Mini Conventional Brackets exhibit precise slot dimensions, allowing for accurate engagement with archwires. This precision ensures effective force delivery and controlled tooth movement throughout the orthodontic treatment process.


  1. Consistent Tooth Movement: Adhering to the Roth prescription ensures a consistent and predictable system for achieving desired tooth movements. Orthodontic practitioners can confidently plan treatments, anticipating reliable and successful results.

  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort: The miniature size and smooth contoured edges of the brackets contribute to enhanced patient comfort by minimizing soft tissue irritation. This is especially important for providing a positive orthodontic experience.

  3. Improved Oral Hygiene: The compact design of the brackets facilitates improved oral hygiene by reducing the likelihood of food and debris accumulation. This feature supports optimal oral health during orthodontic treatment.

  4. Efficient Force Delivery: The precise slot dimensions of the brackets ensure efficient force delivery from archwires to teeth. This efficiency contributes to controlled tooth movement, aiding in the achievement of treatment objectives.

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