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Tarsons Spinwin Amber Conical Bottom Capacity 50ml Centrifuge tube - Racked Non Sterile Pack of 300 Pieces (500042)

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Tarsons Spinwin Amber Conical Bottom Capacity 50ml Centrifuge tube - Racked Non Sterile Pack of 300 Pieces (500042)


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HSN: 84211999

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1x Pack of 300 Tubes


The Tarsons Spinwin Amber Conical Bottom Centrifuge Tube, boasting a generous 50ml capacity, is an indispensable tool for laboratories requiring reliable and efficient sample processing. Tailored to meet the high standards of centrifugation, these tubes offer a sophisticated solution for a diverse range of laboratory applications.

Key Features:

  1. Amber Color for Light Protection: The amber color of these conical bottom centrifuge tubes serves as a shield against potentially harmful UV light. This feature is crucial for safeguarding light-sensitive samples during centrifugation and storage, ensuring the integrity of photosensitive substances.

  2. Conical Bottom Design: The conical bottom geometry facilitates optimal pelleting of particles during centrifugation. This design is particularly advantageous for applications involving separation, precipitation, or isolation of biological samples.

  3. Generous 50ml Capacity: With a large 50ml capacity, these centrifuge tubes accommodate higher sample volumes. This makes them suitable for applications requiring larger quantities of processed samples, enhancing their utility in various laboratory workflows.

  4. Secure Screw Cap Seal: The tubes are equipped with a secure screw cap, forming a tight seal to prevent any leakage during high-speed centrifugation. This sealing mechanism is crucial for maintaining sample integrity and preventing cross-contamination.

  5. Versatile Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with various laboratory centrifuge models, these tubes offer versatility in centrifugation applications. Their compatibility ensures seamless integration into different laboratory workflows, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

  6. High-Quality Material Construction: Constructed from premium-quality polypropylene, these tubes exhibit robustness and resistance to chemicals. The durable construction ensures the tubes can withstand the forces exerted during centrifugation, making them suitable for repeated use.

  7. Clear Graduations for Accurate Measurements: The tubes feature clear and accurate volume graduations, allowing precise measurement of sample volumes. Accurate graduations enhance the convenience of sample dispensing and contribute to the overall accuracy of laboratory procedures.

  8. Wide Range of Laboratory Applications: The 50ml capacity makes these tubes suitable for a diverse array of laboratory applications, including molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical diagnostics. Their adaptability ensures they can handle a variety of sample types and experimental protocols.

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Country of OriginIndia
Pack SizePack of 300 Pieces
SterilityNon Sterile