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Tarsons Spinix Multi tube Vortexer Cyclo Mixer - Box of 1 Unit (9010)

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Tarsons Spinix Multi tube Vortexer Cyclo Mixer - Box of 1 Unit (9010)


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Description: The Tarsons Spinix Multi-Tube Vortexer Cyclo Mixer is an advanced laboratory instrument designed for efficient and simultaneous mixing of multiple tubes or containers. Meticulously engineered by Tarsons, this vortexer cyclo mixer combines versatility, precision, and user-friendly features for a wide range of laboratory applications.

Key Features:

  1. Simultaneous Multi-Tube Mixing: The Spinix Multi-Tube Vortexer Cyclo Mixer is equipped with a platform designed to accommodate multiple tubes or containers simultaneously. This feature enables researchers to mix multiple samples in a single operation, improving overall workflow efficiency.

  2. Cyclo Mixing Mechanism: The cyclo mixing mechanism provides a unique mixing motion, combining orbital and vortex motions. This dual-action ensures thorough and homogenous mixing of samples, making it suitable for various applications, including reagent mixing, sample preparation, and cell culture work.

  3. Adjustable Mixing Parameters: The instrument features adjustable mixing parameters, including speed and mixing duration. Researchers have the flexibility to customize these parameters based on the specific requirements of their protocols, ensuring optimal mixing for different sample types and volumes.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: The vortexer cyclo mixer is designed with a user-friendly interface, featuring intuitive controls and a clear display. This design enhances ease of use, allowing researchers and technicians to operate the instrument efficiently.

  5. Interchangeable Platforms: The instrument comes with interchangeable mixing platforms, accommodating different tube sizes and types. This versatility allows users to handle a variety of sample containers, including tubes, microplates, and more.

  6. Compact and Sturdy Design: The vortexer cyclo mixer is designed to be compact, making it suitable for benchtop use in laboratory settings. The sturdy construction ensures stability during operation, preventing any unwanted movement.


  1. Increased Throughput: Simultaneous multi-tube mixing capabilities enhance laboratory throughput, allowing researchers to process multiple samples at once.

  2. Versatility in Mixing: The cyclo mixing mechanism provides a unique and efficient mixing motion, ensuring thorough mixing of diverse sample types.

  3. Customizable Mixing Conditions: Adjustable mixing parameters provide flexibility, allowing researchers to tailor mixing conditions for specific applications and sample requirements.

  4. Time and Labor Savings: Efficient mixing capabilities contribute to time and labor savings in laboratory workflows, improving overall efficiency.

  5. Interchangeable Platforms for Flexibility: Interchangeable mixing platforms support various tube sizes and types, adding flexibility to the instrument's capabilities.

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