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Tarsons Dancing Shaker Shaker (Model MC-02)

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Tarsons Dancing Shaker Shaker (Model MC-02)


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Product Details

HSN: 84198990

Description: The Tarsons Dancing Shaker emerges as an innovative solution for laboratories requiring controlled and dynamic mixing of samples. Designed with precision and versatility, this shaker provides a unique "dancing" motion, ensuring thorough and consistent mixing of liquids in various containers.

Key Features:

  1. Dancing Motion Technology: The shaker employs advanced dancing motion technology, imparting a gentle yet effective mixing action. This unique movement pattern ensures uniform mixing of samples, making it suitable for applications such as culturing, staining, and other liquid-handling procedures.

  2. Adjustable Speed Control: Equipped with adjustable speed control settings, the Dancing Shaker allows users to tailor the mixing speed to the specific requirements of their experiments. This versatility accommodates a range of sample viscosities and volumes.

  3. Compact and Space-Efficient Design: The shaker's compact design optimizes laboratory space without compromising performance. It is well-suited for laboratories with limited bench space, providing a reliable mixing solution for various applications.

  4. User-Friendly Operation: The user-friendly interface simplifies operation, allowing researchers to easily set parameters and initiate the mixing process. This intuitive design promotes efficient workflow in the laboratory.


  1. Uniform Mixing: The dancing motion technology ensures consistent and uniform mixing of samples, enhancing the reliability of experimental results. This feature is particularly advantageous for applications where homogeneous mixing is critical.

  2. Versatile Speed Control: Adjustable speed settings offer versatility in accommodating diverse sample types. Users can customize the mixing speed to suit the viscosity and volume of the liquid being processed, ensuring optimal results.

  3. Space Optimization: The compact design of the Dancing Shaker is beneficial for laboratories where space is at a premium. It provides a reliable mixing solution without occupying excessive bench space, allowing for efficient laboratory layout.

  4. Efficient Workflow: With user-friendly operation and adjustable speed control, the shaker contributes to an efficient laboratory workflow.


ModelDancing Shaker MC-02

Sold by C.Abhaykumar & Co & fulfilled byMedikabazaar

Country of OriginIndia