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Suru Surustap Skin Stapler Sterile - 35W 7.0 x 4.0mm DC600049 Pack of 5

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Suru Surustap Skin Stapler Sterile - 35W 7.0 x 4.0mm DC600049 Pack of 5



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1 x 5 Skin Stapler


Suru Surustap Skin Stapler Sterile - 35W (7.0 x 4.0mm) represents a breakthrough in surgical technology, offering a superior alternative to traditional sutures. This medical device is designed for the closure of large wounds or incisions, providing patients with a quicker and less painful recovery process compared to conventional stitches. Ideal for minimally invasive surgery, it ensures precision and reliability in wound closure.

Key Features:

  • Uniform Tension Design: The stapler boasts a superior design that ensures uniform tension for optimal tissue approximation, minimizing compression and trauma. This feature is crucial for a gentler patient experience and promotes faster healing.

  • Cosmetic Excellence: Suru Surustap Skin Stapler is engineered to deliver superior cosmetic results. By allowing a good blood supply to tissues, it facilitates scar-free healing, contributing to improved postoperative aesthetics.

  • Reliable Stapling Mechanism: The stapler ensures reliable stapling with a good grip, providing surgeons with better control and eliminating the risk of jamming. This reliability is essential for seamless and efficient wound closure.

  • Sterile for Single Use: Prioritizing patient safety and infection control, the stapler is sterile and designed for single-use, adhering to the highest standards of hygiene in surgical applications.


  • Optimal Tissue Healing: The stapler's uniform tension design minimizes tissue compression and trauma, ensuring optimal tissue healing. This results in a more comfortable recovery for patients.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: With a focus on cosmetic excellence, the stapler supports good blood supply to tissues, promoting faster and scar-free healing. Patients benefit from improved aesthetic outcomes post-surgery.

  • Reliability in Closure: Surgeons can rely on the stapler's superior grip and control, eliminating concerns about jamming. This reliability contributes to efficient and precise wound closure in various surgical contexts.

  • Customizable for Procedures: The availability of different sizes (35W and 55W) allows surgeons to customize their approach based on the specific requirements of the surgical procedure, ensuring versatility and adaptability.

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