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3 x  Surgiwear Simpsert Camera Cover - 15cm x 250cm (D904)

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3 x Surgiwear Simpsert Camera Cover - 15cm x 250cm (D904)



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15cm x 250cm

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1 x Camera Cover

Expiry Date: 01 November 2024

Description: Elevate your surgical procedures with the Surgiwear Simpsert Camera Cover - 15cm x 250cm (D904), a revolutionary solution for the sterilization of video cables, diathermy cables, and other specialized cables used across medical disciplines. Engineered by SURGIWEAR, this drape ensures a seamless and hygienic cable management system for enhanced surgical efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Polyethylene Tube Construction: The Simpsert Camera Cover is crafted from a high-quality polyethylene tube, providing a robust and sterile environment for the secure housing of sensitive medical cables.

  • Paper Leader: A paper leader at the distal end enhances the ease of use and insertion of cables. This feature ensures a smooth and controlled process during cable placement, contributing to efficient surgical preparations.

  • Perforations and Adhesive Strip: The distal end of the PE tube features strategically placed perforations and an adhesive strip. These elements facilitate the secure tying of the end around the cable, ensuring a snug fit and maintaining the sterility of the enclosed cables.

  • Conical End Design: The conical end design of the Simpsert Camera Cover streamlines the cable insertion process. Surgeons can easily guide the cable through the conical end, enhancing precision and reducing the risk of contamination.

  • User-Friendly Installation: The Simpsert Camera Cover is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Surgeons can effortlessly press the drape from the sides, allowing the middle portion of the paper tube to open up, providing a convenient entry point for cable insertion.


  • Hygienic Cable Management: The Simpsert Camera Cover addresses the challenge of sterilizing intricate medical cables, ensuring a hygienic cable management system that meets the stringent standards of surgical environments.

  • Elimination of Sterilization Challenges: Surgeons no longer face the hassle of sterilizing individual cables. This innovative solution eliminates the need for spare sterilized cables, streamlining surgical preparations and reducing downtime between procedures.

  • Efficient Surgical Workflow: With clear instructions for use, including cable insertion and securing procedures, the Simpsert Camera Cover enhances the efficiency of surgical workflows. Surgeons can focus on patient care without the added complexity of cable sterilization.

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