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Surgiwear Cardiothoracic Drape - 3.9meter x 2.1meter (40E912)

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Surgiwear Cardiothoracic Drape - 3.9meter x 2.1meter (40E912)


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3.9meter x 2.1meter


3.9meter x 2.1meter

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1 x Drape

The Surgiwear Cardiothoracic Drape is an advanced surgical drape meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of cardiothoracic procedures. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this drape provides a sterile barrier, optimal visibility, and practical features that support the complexity and precision demanded by cardiothoracic interventions.

Key Features:

Sterile Barrier Fabric:

Surgiwear Cardiothoracic Drape is crafted from a high-quality sterile barrier fabric, selected for its durability, fluid resistance, and strict adherence to hygiene standards. This fabric acts as a reliable shield against contaminants, ensuring a sterile surgical environment for cardiothoracic procedures.

Clear Incise Film for Enhanced Visibility:

The drape incorporates a clear incise film, ensuring optimal visibility of the cardiothoracic surgical field. This feature is crucial for surgeons to navigate with precision during procedures, contributing to positive patient outcomes.

Adhesive Edges for Secure Attachment:

Equipped with adhesive edges, the drape ensures secure attachment to the patient's skin. This feature maintains the integrity of the sterile field, preventing inadvertent exposure to contaminants and contributing to a controlled operating environment for cardiothoracic interventions.

Fenestrations for Instrument Access:

Strategically placed fenestrations facilitate easy access for surgical instruments during cardiothoracic procedures. This design allows surgeons to maneuver instruments with precision, enhancing the efficiency of cardiothoracic interventions.

Fluid Control Pouch:

The inclusion of a fluid control pouch is designed to effectively manage fluids during the procedure. This pouch helps maintain a clear surgical field, supporting visibility and minimizing the risk of complications associated with cardiothoracic procedures.


Maintains Sterile Cardiothoracic Surgical Field:

Surgiwear Cardiothoracic Drape plays a pivotal role in maintaining a sterile surgical field during cardiothoracic procedures. This is essential for preventing infections and ensuring the success of the intricate and critical surgical intervention.

Enhances Cardiothoracic Visibility:

The clear incise film ensures enhanced visibility of the cardiothoracic surgical field, allowing surgeons to work with precision and accuracy. This is particularly crucial in cardiothoracic procedures where a clear view is essential for successful outcomes.

Secure Adhesion for Patient Safety:

Adhesive edges provide secure attachment, ensuring the drape stays in place throughout the procedure. This contributes to patient safety by preventing accidental exposure and maintaining the desired surgical environment for cardiothoracic interventions.

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