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Sure-endo ISO Standard Length Marked 6% Paper Points - 25

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Sure-endo ISO Standard Length Marked 6% Paper Points - 25



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Product Details

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1 x 100 Paper Points

Description: Sure-endo ISO Standard Length Marked 6% Paper Points exemplify precision and reliability in endodontic procedures, offering practitioners a vital tool for efficient canal drying and meticulous measurement. Crafted with exacting standards, these paper points ensure optimal treatment outcomes by combining standardized length markings with a 6% taper for comprehensive root canal cleaning and drying.

Key Features:

  1. ISO Standard Length Markings: Sure-endo Paper Points are equipped with ISO standard length markings, providing practitioners with a quick and accurate reference during canal measurement. This standardized system enhances procedural efficiency and contributes to precise treatment planning.

  2. 6% Taper for Efficient Drying: The 6% taper design ensures efficient drying of the root canal, facilitating the removal of residual moisture. This feature is essential for creating an environment conducive to successful obturation and minimizing the risk of post-treatment complications.

  3. Absorbent Paper Material: Crafted from highly absorbent paper material, these points effectively wick away residual moisture from the canal walls. The absorbency is optimized to enhance the removal of debris and fluids, ensuring a clean and dry canal for subsequent treatments.

  4. Sterilization Assurance: Sure-endo upholds rigorous sterilization standards, ensuring that each paper point is sterile and ready for use. This commitment to sterility enhances the overall safety of endodontic procedures and aligns with the stringent infection control protocols in modern dental practice.


  1. Precision Measurement and Planning: The ISO standard length markings on Sure-endo Paper Points provide practitioners with a reliable reference for precise canal measurement. This contributes to accurate treatment planning and ensures that procedures are conducted with meticulous attention to detail.

  2. Efficient Root Canal Drying: The 6% taper design facilitates efficient drying of the root canal, a crucial step in endodontic procedures. By removing residual moisture, these paper points contribute to the success of obturation, promoting a durable and effective seal.

  3. Effective Absorption for Canal Cleaning: The absorbent paper material effectively absorbs moisture, debris, and fluids from the canal walls. This enhances the cleaning process, creating a clear and debris-free path for subsequent treatments and contributing to the overall success of the endodontic procedure.

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