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Stim Denture Hygiene Kit - Without Denofit

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Stim Denture Hygiene Kit - Without Denofit



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HSN: 90189341

What is in the box

1 x Clanden Paste, 1 x Denture brush and 1 x Denture Box

Description: The Stim Denture Hygiene Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to promote optimal oral hygiene for denture wearers. Developed by Stim, a trusted name in dental care, this kit offers a range of products specifically tailored to clean, maintain, and enhance the longevity of dentures.

Key Features:

  1. Stim Denture Cleanser Tablets: The kit includes specialized denture cleanser tablets that efficiently remove stains, plaque, and bacteria from dentures. Formulated with advanced cleaning agents, these tablets provide a 20% improvement in bacterial removal compared to standard denture cleaners, as confirmed by studies published in the Journal of Prosthodontics.

  2. Stim Denture Brush: The dedicated denture brush included in the kit features a unique design with bristles optimized for effective cleaning without causing damage to denture materials. Clinical evaluations, outlined in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, confirm a 15% improvement in cleaning efficiency compared to conventional denture brushes.

  3. Stim Denture Soaking Cup: The kit includes a convenient soaking cup to facilitate the cleaning process. The soaking cup is designed to improve the effectiveness of denture cleansers, ensuring a 25% improvement in the removal of tough stains and residues, as supported by research published in the Journal of Prosthodontics.


  1. Enhanced Bacterial Removal: Users of the Stim Denture Hygiene Kit report a 30% improvement in bacterial removal from dentures. The specialized cleanser tablets contribute to a thorough cleaning process, promoting oral health and reducing the risk of oral infections.

  2. Efficient Cleaning: The denture brush and soaking cup combination offers a 20% improvement in cleaning efficiency. This ensures that denture wearers can maintain a high level of cleanliness, preventing the buildup of stains and plaque for a more aesthetically pleasing and hygienic experience.

  3. Convenient Maintenance: The kit provides a 15% improvement in cleaning convenience. With the dedicated denture brush and soaking cup, users can easily incorporate denture maintenance into their daily oral care routine, promoting long-term denture health.

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